Todd Chrisley Denies Getting Facelift After Posting Youthful Selfie

Todd Chrisley is denying going under the knife after debuting a surprisingly youthful new face on Instagram Monday, but let his fans in on the cosmetic procedures he does undergo to keep himself looking fresh. The Chrisley Knows Best patriarch, 51, snapped a clean-shaven selfie after getting rid of his scruff for wife Julie Chrisley, whom he said: "didn't like the facial hair."

It wasn't Todd's facial hair that was the focus, however, as many followers accused him of having a facelift. "Did you use filters on this photo or have you had a facelift?" one person asked. Another wrote alongside laughing emojis, "Thank your plastic surgeon...your face is allllll filler." Todd was quick to respond, "You are so kind, i actually have no filler in my face, but if you sleep better thinking that, then consider me fillered up." When another commenter asked if he got a facelift or fillers, Todd revealed he had undergone "neither," but said he was open to it "maybe in the future..."

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Daughter Savannah Chrisley then chimed in to reveal what was keeping her dad looking so young, writing, "[Todd Chrisley] don't have a facelift every 6 months it's Botox [laughing out loud]." Todd confirmed his Botox use when Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna commented, "You look 12," as well as a few other procedures. "[Lisa Rinna] well, thank God for laser, Botox and prayer," he said. To another follower, Todd revealed he also uses Halo laser and hydro facials" to maintain his appearance.

In April, Todd revealed he had been recovering after being hospitalized for COVID-19. "I have been battling corona for three weeks. I was in the hospital for four and a half days, fever between 100 to 103 [degrees] and it has been the sickest I have ever been on this earth," he said on Chrisley Confessions at the time. "Hopefully, I will get better every day, but as of right now, folks, I still am not clicking on all cylinders. I am probably about 70 to 75 percent of what I normally am, but that last 25 percent is kicking my ass."


After recovering completely, he said on the podcast, which he hosts with Julie, that he had donated his plasma to help with antibody research that could assist in vaccine development. "As much as I hate a needle, folks, I am going to give my plasma because if I can help someone else get better and for it to not last as long as what it did to me, then that's a blessing that God has given me, and I'm going to stick to it," he said.