Todd Chrisley's Daughter Savannah Gives Health Update on Her Dad After He's Hospitalized With Coronavirus

Savannah Chrisley is celebrating some good news for dad Todd Chrisley after the Chrisley Knows Best star tested positive for coronavirus and was hospitalized last month. The reality personality shared a photo of her father smiling on Instagram Thursday with a hopeful health update for his followers, revealing he is home and on the mend.

"DAD IS HOME AND DOING WELL! He said he feels 75% better!!" Savannah wrote in the caption. "Within the past couple days he's kinda been a smarta—... so we know he's definitely on the mend! I mean that mischievous smile isn't ever gonna give up." Previously, Todd revealed he has been fighting COVID-19 over the past three weeks on Wednesday's episode of his podcast, Chrisley Confessions.

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"Can we talk about this b— called corona? I have been battling corona for three weeks. I was in the hospital for four and a half days, fever between 100 to 103 [degrees] and it has been the sickest I have ever been on this earth," he said. "Hopefully, I will get better every day, but as of right now, folks, I still am not clicking on all cylinders. I am probably about 70 to 75 percent of what I normally am, but that last 25 percent is kicking my a—."

Savannah then took to Instagram to share how her father's diagnosis was so difficult for her emotionally: "I talk to my daddy 10x a day! He's my bestfriend...I also never go to bed a single night without a 'Goodnight and I love you' text..and now my dad was sitting in a hospital room by himself and I had no idea how he was," she wrote in part. "At one point I fell on my hands and knees and begged God to not take not take my best friend..I would give everything I had if it meant keeping my daddy. I was so desperate that I dropped photos of our family off at the hospital and said 'If he sees these I know he'll keep fighting!'"


Savannah also begged her followers to take the pandemic seriously and obey health officials' guidance: "So I guess the point of me telling u all this is so that u take it seriously...STAY HOME! SOCIAL DISTANCE! And most importantly..LOVE HARDER THAN EVER!" she wrote. "Life is so short. I also owe a HUGE THANK U to my friends [Dr. Charles Galanis] [Dr. Jacob Unger] for walking me through all the steps we needed to follow and continuously checking in on us. As well as the drs and nurses @ Vandy."