'Long Island Medium: There in Spirit' Star Theresa Caputo Talks 'Silver Linings' With New Discovery+ Series (Exclusive)

After almost two years following its last season on TLC, beloved psychic medium Theresa Caputo is back with an all-new spinoff of her hit reality series, Long Island Medium. Combining the heart and emotion of the original with the realities of today, Long Island Medium: There in Spirit streaming exclusively on discovery+ will feature episodes of Caputo not only connecting people with their departed loved ones but give viewers an inside look into how she is navigating the world under such circumstances. With the series now available to stream on the Discovery platform, Caputo sat down with PopCulture.com for an exclusive, revealing how fans will be able to reconnect with what they loved about the original.

"So still, Spirit is letting us all know that even though we're in a pandemic, they are not stopping by delivering healing messages, or stopping me — I should say," Caputo told us in our series, PopCulture @Home, adding how a majority of Long Island Medium: There in Spirit was filmed virtually. "The silver lining in that was that it just wasn't two people in the Tri-State area — it was people all over the country and for that, we were able to have even more celebrities on like we do every season."

In addition to sharing some "amazing moments" with her guests, fans of Caputo's will get to hear readings for Rosario Dawson, Meghan Trainor, Carmen Electra and many more. "What I love is that throughout the season, you'll see towards the end, we were able to actually do some in-person readings and I think that that is a sign of hope. Everyone was tested, socially distanced, we were more than six feet apart, everyone had a mask and I was even out and about doing a little bit of my everyday thing. So, I think in so many ways, as Long Island Medium always does, [it's] still continuing, delivering hope when a lot of us have lost that."

Caputo, who is taking the pandemic "day by day" while always "remaining hopeful," adds how it's important to keep positive in times like this and allow ourselves to have that "bad day" if we're having one. "It's okay not to be okay for that moment," she said, later revealing how fans will see that throughout the series. "I think that this is something extra special this season — is that everyone is really going to feel that emotion. Be able to really feel that and I think that is something that we're a little bit more open to. I think for a lot of us, we look and we feel differently about so many things. But the main thing that I've always had said from day one of this pandemic is please just focus on the positive things — look at the silver linings."

With her gift of helping bring closure to individuals who have suffered a loss, this season will see Caputo also reading for a family whose patriarch died following COVID-19 complications — an episode hitting the realities amid the pandemic. While the reading is incredibly heartbreaking, Caputo responds it's cases like that which are truly humbling for her as a psychic medium.

"This is why I love doing what I do and a little background on that family — they all had COVID," Caputo said of the "very emotional" moment. "I personally did not lose anyone to COVID, and so for me, in that moment, all of them had COVID and the dad was the only one that had died and in that moment they all felt helpless, and Spirit's main message is always like, 'Look, there are no regrets. We did everything that we could.' And here they couldn't even help themselves, let alone each other."

The mother of two adds how there is also another family featured in her series, whom she believes gives a "lot of credit" to the frontline workers for the unseen realities so many have experienced while battling the coronavirus that we have not known or really heard about. "[It's] of how they really did go above and beyond and making sure that their patients did feel safe, loved, and from their family members, so that is something to also look forward to on this season of Long Island Medium," she said.


Long Island Medium: There in Spirit is now streaming exclusively on discovery+. For more with Theresa and all your favorite reality TV programming, keep it locked to PopCulture.com for the latest.