Who Is the Robopine in 'The Masked Singer' Season 5?

The Masked Singer Season 5 was back this week with 'Robopine,' the porcupine hybrid with a tragic [...]

The Masked Singer Season 5 was back this week with "Robopine," the porcupine hybrid with a tragic backstory. It's one of the wildest versions of a costume that the U.S. version of The Masked Singer has seen thus far, with loads of quills mixed with Terminator-like features. The show is streamable each week via FuboTV, which currently has a free trial offer.

We'll be breaking down each of the performances from The Masked Singer's Robopine, including the clues that producers offer each week. We'll also go into what the judges have been guessing (even if their choices are a little out-there). Scroll through to learn what we know about the robotic porcupine. Of course, spoilers are ahead.

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Season 5, Episode 7

Robopine explained that he's really hitting his stride in the competition. He admitted that he's been struggling with depression lately and that being on The Masked Singer is giving him a "new confidence." Robopine shared that he loved singing when he was growing up and that he would frequently sing in the shower. Although, his family would discourage him from singing, which ultimately made him not want to pursue his passion. One day, he happened upon a block party, during which one of his neighbors urged him to sing. The clue package also featured ABC blocks, a rattle, and a Roman statue of a man.

Robopine brought the heat for his performance of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On," as he was able to put his impressive vocals on full display. After watching the clue package, Thicke suggested that Robopine could be Terry Crews. Jeong picked up on the '90s vibes, guessing Aaron Hall from the group Guy. Scherzinger guessed one of the panel's favorite suggestions, Jamie Foxx.

Season 5, Episode 6 - "In the Nick of Time!"

Robopine introduced his new clue package from an Indian Jones-esque set full of porcupine artifacts. The camera zoomed in on the number 6 painted onto a pillar behind him, and then a golden eagle statue. It also focused on a crumbling stone wall with the letters "MM" balanced on it, but when it began to fall they switched to "MW." Robopine then ran from a giant stone carrying a bejeweled chalice with a one-dollar bill in it, before an anachronistic referee came out to call a foul.

"I wasn't sure what to expect from this masked adventure, but now I'm on a mission to get to the end," Robopine said. "And I know a good mission because I've been on one my entire career. A quest for a certain golden relic. It's been an action-packed, fast-paced ride. I've dodged booby traps, and I've overcome so many times where my life has nearly crumbled, but I always escape, because I have been jonesin' for that idol. But for now, I'm chasing a new idol — the golden mask. And winning it will be more proof that the golden relic will be mine!"

Robopine sang "Killing Me Softly" by Roberta Flack, to the delight of the panelists. After the performance, Cannon fired a t-shirt at the panel that read simply: "AKA." Robopine pointed out that his character was originally called "Porcupine," but that he changed it to "Robopine." This led the panelists to speculate that Robopine might have an alter ego in real life as well.

McCarthy guessed Jaime Foxx once again, and Scherzinger agreed. Jeong proposed Will Smith, then Tom Cruise, which was so disappointing to Robopine that he began stalking down the stage towards Jeong. However, Robopine simply sat down sadly on the edge of the stage, while Jeong threw out one more guess that he thought would appease the contestant — Terrence Howard. Robin Thicke agreed with this theory, and with that, the show cut to another segment from the mysterious chicken Cluedle-Doo.

"This week, I'm taking you somewhere no one's gone before," Cluedle-Doo said in his cutaway. "Inside Robopine's eye! Take a look with me and you might pick up a clue... or four." As he spoke, the camera showed the perspective of the four panelists from inside Robopine's red eye. His display gave each one of them a few "keywords." Thicke's were "hopeless romantic," McCarthy's were "loves to talk," Jeong's were "we've both changed" and Scherzinger's were "friends with benefit."

Season 5, Episode 3 - "Enter the Wildcards!"

Robopine's new clue package focused on his reverence for public servants, apparently referencing garbage collectors and police. He claimed that he still likes to work with them when he has the chance. He made more references to superhero media, and there was also a prominent stuffed kitten prop. Robopine's self portrait showed a raccoon wielding a guitar in leather pants, with a spider-web t-shirt and a spider dangling from his elbow.

Robopine performed a soaring rendition of "All of Me" by John Legend, making the panelists swoon. He brought tears to Nicole Scherzinger's eyes, though guest panelist Joel McHale quipped: "I mean, you're no Raccoon." Guesses from the panelists included Brian McKnight and Jason DeRulo, but neither were particularly convicted.

Season 5 Premiere — "Return Of The Masks"

The Porcupine danced onto the stage in all his glory, then announced that his name is actually "Robopine." He said that he came from a place where he was forced to "grow thick quills" and fend for himself, and they did so by trying to break into Hollywood. All this was accompanied by sci-fi style animations, suggesting to some that they have a long history with the genre. Some of the symbols here included a double-helix, an old-fashioned key and a statue of George Washington. After the performance, Robopine revealed that he is 60 years old, and he has grandchildren.

"I went on a mission to get on Hollywood's radar," Robopine said. "I used 411 day and night just to make a connection, until a certain angel said 'Hello.' That random call changed everything, and now I'm on a new mission. And when I have my sights set on something, nobody can touch me." Finally, Cluedle-Doo's clue was: "Porcupine is skilled at not becoming roadkill."

"Robopine" sang "Never Too Much" by Luther Vandross, displaying some well-practiced dance moves along the way. Before he was even done, McCarthy was guessing Jamie Foxx, but Scherzinger was skeptical. She said that they are definitely a "larger than life presence on stage," proposing names like Idris Elba. Jeong guessed Lionel Richie, while Thicke went with Ginuwine.

Who exactly is Porcupine? Only time will tell! The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX. As previously mentioned, it's watchable live on FuboTV, which has a free trial promotion happening right now. Episodes can be also watched the next day on Hulu, if you're willing to risk spoilers in the meantime. We here at PopCulture.com will be preparing loads of coverage for The Masked Singer Season 5, so stay tuned!

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