'The Masked Singer' Live Updates: Raccoon Unmasked as Danny Trejo

Group A was back in action for Wednesday's episode of The Masked Singer. The remaining contestants [...]

Group A was back in action for Wednesday's episode of The Masked Singer. The remaining contestants in the group — Raccoon, Porcupine, Russian Doll, and Seashell — all competed in an effort to make it through to the next round in the competition. However, one of The Masked Singer's new Wildcard contestants attempted to throw a wrench in their plans with its first performance of the season. To stay up to date on the newest episode of The Masked Singer, PopCulture.com will be here to provide all of the live updates you'll need to follow along with all of the exciting action.

9 p.m. ET: By the end of the episode, guest host Niecy Nash revealed who would be eliminated. Ultimately, the Raccoon got the boot. This means that Orca will now be officially in the running to become the Season 5 winner of The Masked Singer. Of course, that also meant that the Raccoon's identity would be revealed. The judges then shared their final guesses, and the Raccoon removed their mask to reveal that they were actor Danny Trejo.

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8: 52 p.m. ET: Finally, it was time for the show to introduce the first Wildcard contestant — the Orca. The masked individual then shared how pizza was involved in his personal story, as he delivered audition tapes to people around town via pizza boxes. The Orca wasted no time in bringing the energy to the stage with their rendition of "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister.

Thicke said that you can't "fake" that kind of voice and noted that it was one of his favorite performances from "any season." After that thrilling performance, the judges guessed individuals such as Dave Grohl (Scherzinger), Billy Corgan (McHale, and Kevin Bacon (McCarthy). The Orca certainly left their mark on the competition as they sought out a permanent spot in Group A.

8:39 p.m. ET: Seashell was the last member of Group A to perform. In her clue package, she explained that a "certain showman asked her out," and that they encouraged her to take on new challenges. Seashell's latest challenge was performing Demi Lovato's "Confident."

The judges picked up on Seashell's confidence, with McHale even saying that they were "fantastic." Seashell then shared a self-portrait, which included her showcasing how she has many different talents. The guesses for the Seashell ranged from Ashlee Simpson (McHale), Jenny Slate (Jeong), and Haylie Duff (Thicke).

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8:29 p.m. ET: The Porcupine a.k.a. Robopine was next. His performance was on the emotional side as he performed John Legend's "All of Me." In fact, his vocals were so next level that they even brought tears to Scherzinger's eyes. She even noted that they were her "first Season 5 tears."

Scherzinger went on to say that she's "never been more compelled" by a performance than she was with Robopine's. She went on to say that she was going to switch it up with her guess, saying that it could be Jason Derulo. Thicke picked up on the superhero clues, guessing Wesley Snipes. Jeong took things in a different direction with his guess of Eddie Murphy.

8:18 p.m. ET: The Raccoon was up next, sharing in their clue package that they began acting later in life. They also shared that they have a very athletic past. The Raccoon was then able to show off their vocal chops during their rendition of "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash, which he even altered some of the lyrics to showcase his crush on judge Jenny McCarthy.

While McCarthy was taken by the performance, McHale said that he was left "speechless" over it. The judges then shared their guesses for the Raccoon's identity, with Thicke guessing Tony Danza, Scherzinger guessing Sylvester Stallone, and McCarthy thought that it could be Jon Voight. The Raccoon was clearly having a blast on the competition, as he broke out in laughter over the judges' guesses.

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8:09 p.m. ET: Guest host Niecy Nash takes to the stage to open up about the Wildcard twist, which will be unveiled later on in the show. She also introduced the audience to the show's latest guest judge, Joel McHale. The show soon featured a performance of "Wonder" by Shawn Mendes by the Russian Doll, who was first up for the night.

As Nicole Scherzinger noted, the Russian Doll's costume appeared to be different this time around, as both of the singers seemed to don similar-sized costumes. Soon enough, a third Russian Doll joined the stage to harmonize with the other singers, shocking all of the judges. After they performed their breathtaking rendition of "Wonder," the judges were left wondering whether there were more Russian Dolls to come. They then shared their guesses, including Jackson Five (from Ken Jeong) and Sugarland (Robin Thicke).

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