'The Masked Singer' Reveals New Clues About the Alien, Rabbit, Raven and Bee

The Masked Singer has us more intrigued than ever after Wednesday's show teased a new round of clues for Alien, Rabbit, Raven and Bee.

After revealing this week that comedian Margaret Cho was behind the Poodle, the celebrities who have been unmasked now include NFL icon Terry Bradshaw, who was behind the Deer; Antonio Brown as the Hippo; and, comedian Tommy Chong, who was behind the Pineapple.

In Wednesday's episode, viewers got to watch another performance from Alien, Rabbit, Raven, Poodle and Bee, and while four of the five still remain a secret, plenty more was revealed about the masked performers.

Here's what we know now:

Alien, whom fans have guessed could be Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner, explained that while "you may think I'm out of fashion, I'm here to rise above all that." Adding that she's a "quadruple threat" who has "recorded many things," the Alien added snake imagery to her clues package and left the judges guessing.

Rabbit, who has fans guessing JC Chasez or Donnie Wahlberg, had more amusement park imagery in his clue package, explaining of his youth, "I saw fame and everyone wanted a piece of me" before he found "safety in a group." After "feeling boxed in," Rabbit ventured out on his own, and Thicke even thought he detected a southern twang.

Raven, who previously earned guesses of Sherri Shepherd or Meghan McCain, added what after the loss of her "beloved," her time on the show would be part of a "long-awaited transformation." In addition, she added information about her origins, saying that while she was once "the loneliest bird among all others," in 1968, a man came to her town "and took [her] away from my flock," to recognize her talent and beauty, adding that after, she cried "tears of love" into the Hudson River.

Bee, who fans think could be singer Gladys Knight, had the panel saying Knight as well after the Georgia peach imagery combined with her admission that she's not "always on what's happening in the world today musically." Making it a little more confusing, however, was her final hint to fans that they should "take [her] to court."

Then, of course, there remain the stars behind Lion, Peacock, Unicorn and Monster!

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The Masked Singer airs on Fox Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: Fox