Why 'The Masked Singer' Fans Are Convinced Gladys Knight Is the Bee

Aside of the fact that the ratings for Fox's new singing competition The Masked Singer are through the roof — just short of 10 million viewers for its premiere episode — the best part about this show is guessing who's behind the mask!

Viewers and the judges panel — Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke — have taken their best guesses at who each performer may be in the last two episodes, and one singer has everyone convinced it's Gladys Knight.

The Bee made it clear that she was a professional singer from the beginning saying, "Coming onto this show, I'm looking forward to singing to a new generation."

She gave an emotional performance of Sia's song "Chandalier."

A few other hints this masked singer gave the viewers is that she's been singing since the '50s and everyone can call her "Queen Bee," but "Empress also suits me" as she states.

A few of the judges quickly guessed Diana Ross or Dionne Warwick. However, those watching the hit show are still rocking with Gladys Knight.

Nick Cannon, who hosts the show, also called out Jeong as saying he has the "worst guesses."

"Ken makes the worst guesses," Cannon said. "The fact that he's a doctor and super intelligent all of that goes out the window because he's just throwing names out there. But it's hilarious. Robin Thicke takes it extremely seriously. He's listening to the voice trying to figure out if he knows these people. And then Nicole [is] the one paying the most attention to vocals and presence."

Each contestant is kept a secret not only to the live audience and viewers, but to Cannon as well. He admits "even their entourage and their representation" wear masks and the performers are kept "in a completely separate area until they were fully in their costumes."

"These are definitely top-notch talent and celebrities," he continued. "They're all from different walks of life. There's a couple twists and turns, but there's people who step it up and take it to the next level. The peacock is somebody who is definitely attempting to be the best showman that they can possibly be."

The new series focuses on 12 celebrities from across the entertainment world competing against one another in elaborate costumes that they designed themselves. In each episode, at least one performer will reveal their true identity until it trickles down to the last contestant standing.


If you're curious, you can view our guesses of who we think might be behind each mask.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.