'The Masked Dancer': Is Floyd Mayweather the Zebra?

The Masked Dancer is beginning to take off with fans as they try to guess which celebrities are showing off their moves. One of the contestants is dressed up as the Zebra, and there's speculation that the contestant is a boxing legend. One of the judges, Paula Abdul, believes that the Zebra is Floyd Mayweather.

As mentioned by Meaww, Abdul noted that the Zebra "moves like a boxer." She believes it's Mayweather "because he fought Canelo which when translated to Spanish means cinnamon. She tied it all up together with the cinnamon guess in the package." The Zebra revealed a set of clues to help judges and fans guess who it is.

The first set of clues aired last week and had a "third-place medal, a license plate reading 154-128, a vintage convertible, a magazine with a picture of the Zebra on it." This week's episode revealed a new set of clues with the Zebra saying he got back some of what he's been missing "ever since my golden promotion to ZEO."

While fans wait to see if Mayweather is the Zebra, they are looking forward to him getting back in the ring. It was recently announced that the undefeated boxer will return to the ring and face social media personality, Logan Paul, in an exhibition match. World Boxing Council Mauricio Sulaiman appeared on SiriusXM's The Ak and Barak Show and said it will be "good for boxing."

"This is going to be something good for boxing," he said during the radio show. "This is going to bring millions of eyes to our sport." The WBC head went on to say that Mayweather and Paul have "worked hard" to get ready for the fight on Feb. 20. Paul believes he can beat Mayweather in and out of the ring.


"The only place I think Floyd is safe obviously is the boxing ring, but to be honest, I don't give a f—! I don't give a f—!" Paul said. "I would fight Floyd anytime, anywhere, any place. Doesn't f—ing matter to me. I'm eight inches taller, I'm 40 pounds heavier, I'm half his age, I'm two times as hungry and 10 times as smart. I'm used to beating up people weaker and shorter than he is. I grew up with Jake [Paul]!"