Logan Paul, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Reportedly Facing off in Exhibition Boxing Match

In November 2019, YouTube star Logan Paul challenged undefeated boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr., to a match. Nearly a year later, that fight appears to be taking place. Reports surfaced on Wednesday that said Mayweather has signed the contract and will face off with Paul before the end of 2020.

According to YouTuber Keemstar, whose name is Daniel Keem, the two men agreed to a fight in 2020. He provided further evidence by sharing a video from Mike Feinberg of The Fighting News. The host said that Mayweather is coming out of retirement and that he has officially signed the contract. Feinberg said that the match would be a "walk in the park" for the 50-0 boxer and that he saw photos of the signed contract. He expressed confusion about the choice but also said that there is some money in the fight due to the number of subscribers on Paul's YouTube channel.

"I've got some breaking news for you. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is coming out of retirement and has just officially signed a contract to fight in an exhibition match against Logan Paul — YouTube sensation Logan Paul," Feinberg said. "I don't understand the fight. Logan Paul has tried his hand at professional boxing — couldn't beat the other nobody [that] nobody's ever heard of before.

"[Paul's] now 0-1. He's going to be fighting one of the best in Floyd Mayweather. It's going to be a joke of a fight, but it's signed. It's official. I heard it from a reputable source today and even saw the signed picture of the signed contract where Floyd signed on the dotted line for this exhibition match."


Paul has not found much success in his boxing career. He faced off with British YouTuber Olajide Olatunji — also known as KSI — in August 2018 and lost the match. He then lost the rematch in November 2019. Paul has tried to set up other bouts with high-profile figures including Mayweather. He also appeared to be on the cusp of a fight with former NFL player Antonio Brown, but this match fell through.

The two men spent months hyping up a battle and even faced off during a Super Bowl LIV party in Miami. However, Paul told TMZ in March 22 that the fight was off. He didn't say who canceled the bout but explained that Brown had reportedly told him he wanted a "national apology."