'The Challenge': Ryan Reveals Secret Injury That He Had Throughout the Fourth Season of 'All Stars'

'The Challenge: All Stars' competitor Ryan reveals he broke his clavicle during Season 4 of the show.

Throughout the fourth season of The Challenge: All Stars, competitors vied for stars in order to compete in the final. Right before the final, the cast got one last chance to secure a star and those who were still star-less, were purged from the game. In the end, Ryan Kehoe was forced to leave the game after failing to nab a star in the final challenge of the season. After competing on The Challenge: All Stars, Ryan spoke with PopCulture.com and revealed that he navigated the game with an intense injury, which understandably affected how he approached this season. 

Ryan explained that he broke his clavicle pretty on the fifth day of filming the season while hanging out with the rest of the cast at the house. He shared that the cast was having fun at the pool and that Tina Bridges put dish soap on a slide connecting to it. "We were lining up to go down the water slide to give the camera some cool shots and everyone was going backwards on each other's shoulder, and I didn't have a cool thing. So I go and take a running jump, and I just started making dolphin noises. I went head first down the slide," he explained. "When I hit the dismount because of the suds from the dish soap, I didn't see the concrete steps under the water. So I went shoulder first, shattered my clavicle. I have a metal plate now."

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Fearing that the injury would get him sent home, he "pushed through the pain" and "didn't complain." This injury sheds new light on Ryan's journey on The Challenge: All Stars, as it certainly influenced how he navigated the twists and turns of the season. He said, "I did want to go in and get a star, but I didn't know what the eliminations were going to be. So many of the eliminations that I witnessed, I was like, 'Oh, I can do that. No problem with a broken bone.' But I thought the momentum of the season, the last male elimination, Jay going in, I was like, 'What if it's Hall Brawl or a pool wrestling?' I knew this was messed up, and I didn't want to permanently injure my body."

When he eventually returned home, he finally got an X-ray done. While he initially thought that he fractured his clavicle, he found out the injury was much more severe. Ryan said that his doctor told him that he shouldn't have competed and that he had "bone fragments floating" in his shoulder. Thankfully, after undergoing surgery, Ryan is doing much better today. If he does return in a future season, you can expect to see a different style of gameplay from the competitor. 

"I don't follow the leader anymore," Ryan said. "I hope to go back on a show at least another time to prove that I have leadership capabilities versus just following the person." The fourth season of The Challenge: All Stars airs on Wednesdays on Paramount+.