'The Bachelorette': Luke P. Admits He's 'Starting to Fall in Love' With Hannah Brown on Their First Date

Luke P. may have only known Hannah Brown for a few days, but The Bachelorette contestant is already proclaiming his love!

The import/export manager appears to have broken the record for fastest "falling for" in Monday's all-new episode of the ABC dating show, confessing he was already falling in love with her, despite having spent just minutes with the Miss Alabama 2018.

Luke made a big scene for his big announcement, telling everyone — including judges J. Alexander and drag queens Alyssa Edwards and Alaska — how he felt about the Bachelorette during his talent portion of the Mr. Right pageant.

"Hannah, I know that the Mr. Right for you is the man that's gonna love you fiercely," he began. "I've already given you a piece of my heart, but I hope in the future, I can give you all of it."

He continued, "Hannah, I can't believe I'm saying this right now — this is pretty crazy 'cause it's so soon — but I can't hide it. Hannah, I'm genuinely starting to fall in love with you."

Sealing his admission with a kiss, Hannah made sure to double-check at the night's cocktail party that he actually meant what he said, but clearly felt he was being genuine.

"He's saying everything my heart needs him to say," she told the camera. "Everything."

But needless to say, the other men on the pageant date — John Paul Jones, Luke S., Mike, Jonathan, Dylan, Jed and Grant — were a bit taken aback by the Georgia resident's confession.

"Dude, I mean I'm all about love at first sight," Dylan told the camera, "but there's so much you have to know about someone to be actually in love with them and not infatuated or not in lust or anything like that."

Luke P.'s major confession might have won him the title of "Mr. Right," but it had Twitter questioning his intentions immediately.


The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC/John Fleenor