'Bachelorette' Suitor Drops Out After Group Date Injury

This might go down as the worst date in Bachelorette history. While trying not to break Becca Kufrin's heart, suitor Clay Harbor ended up breaking his wrist during a group date on Monday's episode, sending the fan favorite home for the season.

After Becca cleared up the whole situation with Colton Underwood having dated her friend and former Bachelor competitor Tia Booth during the spa-themed first group date, she was ready to have some less dramatic fun.

During the second group date, Becca's suitors showed off their athletic side, participating in a 5-on-5 football game at Ventura College with the help of Keyshawn Johnson and the Legends Football League.

It was during this date that Clay, ironically an NFL player himself, broke his wrist, and was rushed to the emergency room before it was determined that he would need surgery.

"You're such a champ, I would be sitting here sobbing," Becca told a stoic Clay.

Even his fellow competitors were impressed with Clay's composure in the light of a potentially career-affecting injury.

"This guy is a world-class athlete. You don't want to see him get hurt," suitor Leo said.

Despite Becca awarding him for his bravery with the date rose, Clay ultimately had to return the rose and head home to heal up.

"You know, my job is playing football. And it really helps me to take care of people who are really important to me, like my family," he told Becca. "I want to stay and see where this goes, because I could see us having something great. But I know what I have to do. Trust me, I regret it already."

Strangely enough, Clay wasn't the only Bachelorette suitor to end up in the hospital during Monday's episode. Contestant David Ravitz ended up in intensive care earlier in the episode after falling out of his top bunk onto the floor face first. According to host Chris Harrison, the fall gave the chicken suit-wearing competitor a "busted nose" and "busted face."

"There was blood everywhere," his fellow competitor Lincoln told the camera. "None of us knew if he was going to make it. Please do not die."

"As they were putting him on the stretcher, I was like, 'This guy looks like he got attacked by a f—ing bear," cast member Colton recounted.

"I'm excited to heal up and see you eventually and be a part of the journey," he told Becca. "I'm not going anywhere."

Hopefully next week's episode of the show involves a little less bloodshed, a little more romance!


The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC