'The Bachelor': Who is Kit's Mother? She's a Well-Known Designer

Kit Keenan has captured fans' attention since appearing on the current season of The Bachelor. During the Feb. 1 episode, she even received a one-on-one date with Matt James, where she discussed her very glamorous home life, including the fact that she has attended numerous red carpet and fashion events over the years. Given what she had to say on her date with James, you might have some questions about Keenan's lifestyle. For example, the contestant has a very famous parent in the fashion industry that you might be aware of. So, who is Keenan's mother?

Keenan's mother may be familiar to those who stay up-to-date with the fashion industry, as she is well-known designer Cynthia Rowley. When Keenan made her debut on The Bachelor, she stepped out of the limo wearing one of her mother's designs, a $795 dress that is aptly named "The Kitty." She told James as she exited a Bentley on night one, "The limo [that contestants usually show up in during the first episode] was giving me a little bit of a ride-share vibe, and I thought, 'It's night one, let me at least order my own car.'" Due to her mother's prominence in the fashion industry (Rowley has boutiques all over the world), the 21-year-old has been a fixture in the Manhattan social scene since she was a baby. She has reportedly been photographed attending the launch of Madonna's children's book and on the runway during many of her mother's fashion shows.

Keenan spoke a little bit about her upbringing in the latest episode of The Bachelor. She explained on the show that finding love has been hard for her as she needs someone who can really keep up with her. She said to the camera, "My mom is a fashion designer and I grew up in the spotlight. A lot of my life is, like, gold Bentleys and red carpet and fashion events, so being in the public eye I've had to try and maintain a certain image and I've built up so many walls over the years. And my partner needs to be somebody who is able to help me through falling in love because it's not easy for me."


In her Bachelor bio, Keenan shared that she hasn't been in a serious relationship since she experienced her first love in high school. She noted that she has yet to find anyone who "can measure up to the level of emotional intelligence she needs." Could James be the one for her? Fans will have to tune in to this season of The Bachelor to find out.