'The Bachelor' Season Premiere: Former 'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Returns Something Sentimental to Peter Weber

Hannah Brown is back! Kind of. The former Bachelorette made a return on the highly anticipated Season 24 premiere of The Bachelor where fan-favorite Peter Weber is now in the captain's seat. The unexpected surprise shocked not only Weber, but also the rest of the contenders who are competing for his attention, which posed the question to some of how they were going to do that when the woman he fell in love with just a few months prior was back. Not to worry — she simply popped in to shut a metaphorical door, although it's apparent the two still have strong feelings for each other.

"Wow, you look very handsome," the former Miss Alabama said to the pilot as she stepped out of the limo and walked towards him.

After the initial shock, which included the other contestants screaming from inside the house, and a few flirtatious laughs, Brown started to explain her reasoning for making a quick appearance.

"When I heard that you were gonna be The Bachelor, I had mixed emotions," she admitted. "But when I stood where you are, you wanted to find your co-pilot, you gave me something, and I want you to find that person and so I brought these back for you."

She then returned to Weber his set of pilot's wings that he gave her during her season of The Bachelorette, saying he should give it to the woman he wants to start a new journey with.

"I was wondering where these were, so thank you for that," Weber responded.

"I still have them," Brown said with a smile on her face.

Weber turned emotional seeing both Brown and the item he surprised her with on her first night as The Bachelorette, so naturally, his eyes watered a little.

"That means a lot, seriously, thank you," he told her before she responded with, "You're gonna be great." Then as they hugged it out, Weber told Brown "thank you" again while she said that she was "really happy" for him.


Bachelor Nation fans will remember that during Brown's season, Weber quickly became a fan-favorite the moment he stepped out of the limo. He remained popular among fans and in Brown's eyes all the way up until the end of the season when Brown sent him home while Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt made it to the top two. Weber was visibly shaken as he was brought to tears after she broke things off, and after admitting that she had slept with Weber in a windmill during their time out of the country. Fans were shocked, and so was he. Now fans want to know, is there still a strong enough connection between Brown and Weber for her to make a full comeback or will this be it?

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC.