'The Bachelor' 2021: Sarah Trott's Sudden Exit Explained

Season 25 of The Bachelor premiered a few weeks ago, but it's already starting with some major drama. On the Jan. 18 episode of the show, contestant Sarah Trott told Bachelor Matt James that she was leaving the show. The moment came as a surprise to many fans, as Trott was seen as a frontrunner following her one-on-one date with James the previous week. But, after finding herself involved in the drama with some of the other contestants, Trott ended up leaving the ABC program. Following her departure from the show, the Bachelor contestant revealed the real reason why she suddenly left.

Trott experienced a bit of a tumultuous time on The Bachelor. After she received the one-on-one date, she was viewed as a frontrunner after forming a strong connection with James. Additionally, during her time on the show, the contestant had a fainting spell at the rose ceremony and made an appearance at a group date that she wasn't supposed to be on. Her appearance at the group date especially did not sit well with the other women, which led to many of them telling Trott that they did not want to build a friendship with her. While all of these factors seemingly played a role in her departure from The Bachelor, Trott explained to Entertainment Tonight that one of the main reasons she chose to leave was that she could not stay in touch with her father who has debilitating ALS.

"A couple of people told me that I would be able to talk with family," Trott claimed. "I thought I would be able to communicate with my parents and have access to a phone and talk with them, but some of those things turned out differently once I got there." She added, "I was hopeful that I would be able to stay in connection with him but that really wasn't a possibility when I got there. So that was pretty difficult." During the episode, Trott appeared to tell a fellow contestant that she was leaving because of her father's health. But, when she spoke to James, she cited her conflict with the other woman as her main reason for leaving. Trott told ET that it was "tough" to watch the situation play out that way, but she's choosing to focus on the "positive."

"I'm human and I sometimes think we forget about that. We see people, characters on TV, and we forget that they're dealing with really heavy things sometimes and you truly never know what somebody's going through," the reality star explained. Even though some viewers may have questioned Trott's intentions in coming on the show, she stressed that she was there for the right reasons. She said, "I went in there with that full intention to find love with Matt and was expecting to be there for the full two months, but of course I couldn't have anticipated how difficult it could be. So I had to do what was right for my mental health and my family, and looking back, I don't have any regrets. I think I made the right choice."