'The Amazing Race': 'Megaleg' Task Revs Up Competition in Italy (Exclusive)

The 34th season of The Amazing Race is currently underway and the competition is heating up. In advance of Wednesday's new episode, PopCulture.com has an exclusive clip from the upcoming "megaleg" set in Bologna, Italy. The clip features several teams trying their hands at putting together a Ducati motorcycle. But, the task might be too much to handle for some of the teams. 

As seen in the clip, the teams are tasked with putting together a Ducati Panigale V4 motorcycle. After watching a demonstration of how to do it correctly, they'll have to put wheels, brakes, and body panels all in their correct places. Aubrey Ares is especially confident about her team's ability to complete the task and pass others, as her partner, David Hernandez, is a helicopter mechanic. 

"So David is a helicopter mechanic. In his free time, he's building a car, he's working on my car," Aubrey says. "So this is completely up his alley. I think we have a really good chance at passing people." David seems to be confident in his abilities, as well. As he puts the motorcycle together seamlessly, he tells the camera that he's looking forward to making his friends back home "proud." Emily Bushnell is also sure that she can pull this task off. She explains to the camera that after watching the demonstration, "I got in there. I saw the demo and I knew exactly what I had to do." Emily continued to say that she has "strong attention to detail," can be "hyper-focused," and even helps put together projects for her daughter at home. Will either of these teams be able to make it through the task and become the first ones to the pit stop? Fans can tune in on Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on CBS to find out.


Season 34 of The Amazing Race started on Sept. 21. Ahead of the premiere, PopCulture.com had the chance to chat with host Phil Keoghan, during which he opened up about how the reality series manages to keep viewers coming back decades after it first premiered. He explained, "There's plenty of shows that sort of focus on the things that are wrong and make entertainment out of that. I mean, news in itself is a lot about what's going wrong in the world. We're reporting some terrible thing that's happened in the world. We need news, but it doesn't necessarily make us feel good, and a show like Amazing Race is a show that can celebrate some of the better things in life rather than some of the things that go wrong." Keoghan added, "That's part of what I love about the show. I think that's why people like to watch it because it makes them feel inspired and makes them want to get out and travel, and it makes them enjoy and experience with the cast."