'Temptation Island': Kaci Confronts Evan After He Slept With Morgan in Explosive Sneak Peek

It's the moment Temptation Island fans have been waiting for all season — Kaci Campbell is coming face-to-face with boyfriend Evan Smith for the first time since he began a new relationship with Morgan Lolar behind her back.

In a sneak peek of Tuesday's much-anticipated episode of the USA Network reality show, a tearful Kaci gets to speak her mind to her boyfriend of more than five years after she watched him call Morgan his "girlfriend" before even calling things off with her.

"We came into this so strong and so connected," she tells a stony-faced Evan. "If someone were to tell me how this was gonna go, I honestly feel I would have told them they were insane."

Getting small peeks of what her longtime boyfriend was up to with another woman on the other side of the island was excruciating for Kaci, whose own journey to find connection with the male singles was co-opted by her anxiety over her relationship.

"Watching your bonfires, I literally couldn't even watch some of them," she continues, referencing the video of Evan and Morgan being intimate in bed she agreed only to listen to earlier in the season. "You were in bed with another girl? I don't understand how you just do that to me!"

"It feels like you threw our whole life away for this random girl," she concludes.

Prior to the finale, Kaci opened up to PopCulture.com about watching herself so "dark, depressed and anxiety-ridden" throughout the season has been six months later.

"Just to see how much pain I truly was in was eye-opening, to say the least," Kaci admitted, adding, "It was shocking and devastating, but at the same time, it's such a blessing to see his true colors and what he's capable of."

That being said, Kaci made it clear she doesn't bear any ill will against Morgan for getting into a relationship with Evan on Temptation Island, calling her a "good girl" who appears to have been blindsided by Evan's charm and promises.

"I was her for many, many years," Kaci confessed. "Knowing that she doesn't know Evan's true character ... I wouldn't wish what I've gone through with Evan on anyone."

While it seems pretty clear that Kaci has kicked Evan to the curb, fans have been waiting all season to see how it all goes down. Will she leave the island alone, or will her connection with one of the singles help distract from the heartbreak?


Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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