Farrah Abraham Explodes on 'Teen Mom OG' Crew: 'I'm Done Filming'

Farrah Abraham continues to clash with the Teen Mom OG production team during what is likely her final season with the series.

Things continue to be tense between the 26-year-old reality personality and MTV producer Kristen after their conflict during last week's episode. Abraham may not be coming back for another season of the show, claiming she was fired in October for her work in the adult entertainment industry, and suing Viacom, the company behind MTV, for "sex shaming" her.

Kristen informs another member of the crew that Abraham is complaining that her daughter Sophia's set teacher gave the 9-year-old candy, "but she didn't."

"She wants her replaced today because of that," Kristen continues.

Unfortunately, simply firing the set teacher isn't an option, Kristen continued.

"If we were going to send the set teacher home, we would have to stop filming," she explained. "You have to have a set teacher to be on set when you have underaged children."

"Is she willing to put up with the set teacher for the rest of the day, then we can replace her tomorrow?" the other crew member responds.

"I'll have to see," Kristen says. "I mean, I hope so."

But Abraham is not willing to deal with that, even after Kristen attempts to explain the state law to her.

"You can call and get a different set teacher, but this b— is fired today," Abraham tells her.

"We just need to be able to get all of the teaching done," Kristen says, before Abraham cuts her off.

"There's not teaching! What the f— is your issue?" Abraham yells. "[Sophia's] reading her book. Maybe you shouldn't be working with me."

Kristen attempts to explain the legal problems again, but Abraham cuts her off once again. "Like why are you making that my problem? It's your problem for not figuring this out."

It's at this point that Sophia chimes in, saying, "I wanna cancel the teacher," adding, "What's the point of the teacher?"

Her mother responds, "There's no point! This is really an imaginary thing."

Abraham's father Michael Abraham tries to play peacemaker, saying, "It's a state law," but Abraham is done.

"Like I'm just done with filming," she tells the producers.

"So if we can't get a new teacher, then you're done filming?" Kristen responds.

"You didn't ask for another teacher two f—ing hours ago," Farrah snaps back, to which Kristen tries to tell the MTV cast member that they tried but were unable to secure another set teacher.

"OK, well you know what, no one else tries as much as I do," Farrah said, closing the door on the producer. "You're really, really, really ignorant and it's really annoying me."


Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: Instagram / @farrahabraham