'Teen Mom OG': Amber Portwood Seemingly Comes out as Bisexual

Amber Portwood is sharing some intimate news. The Teen Mom OG star is revealing that she at one point identified as bisexual. In a preview clip for the Oct. 12 episode of the show, Portwood has a revealing conversation with her mom about her dating life. "I have been bisexual," Portwood tells her mother Tonya, who doesn't appear to be happy with the news.

Portwood then reveals that she never planned to publicly share the news. "I was going to go to the grave with this," she says. It's inferred, at least from the clip, that she's referring to her bisexuality. The news would be the first time Portwood did delve into dating both men and women. She's had several relationships with men on the show. She was previously engaged to Gary Shirley, the father of her eldest child Leah. She also had a son, James, with her ex Andrew Glennon. Portwood has also shown relationships with Matt Baier and Dimitri Garcia.

According to The Ashley Roundup, Portwood has hinted in the past to having sexual experiences with women. She hinted to such, admitting she engaged in some lady loving while serving a brief stint in prison. During the 2014 Ask The Moms special, Portwood was asked to share her craziest experience. She said the situation was too "scandalous" to share in detail. But she did say that girl-on-girl activities documented on shows about women in prison such as Locked Up and Orange Is the New Black is "so true."


The report also references a 2012 story about Portwood and a woman nicknamed "Sugarfoot" whom she had become "close friends" with while in prison. They two had become so "close" that the woman reportedly had Portwood's initials tattooed on her neck! Portwood has never confirmed the story. Portwood is currently single.