'Teen Mom OG': Amber Portwood's Relationship With Andrew Glennon Reportedly Still 'Up in the Air'

Teen Mom OG stars Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon's relationship status is fluid after Portwood was arrested for domestic violence against Glennon. The couple has not had much contact since a restraining order was enacted, but Portwood recently visited their son James. Portwood was arrested earlier this month when she allegedly threatened Glennon with a machete while he held their son.

A source told E! News their relationship is "up in the air."

While they have not been in contact because of the restraining order, the source said they might still survive the situation.

"Amber does not want her family broken up," the source said.

Another source told Us Weekly Glennon was talking about marrying Portwood.

"He has spoken about marriage on numerous occasions and has even mentioned a list of possible wedding destinations to the MTV production team in the past," the source said. "His friends have attested to his faithfulness and genuine intentions with Amber often."

One of the couple's friends recently said, "You can see it by how he looks at her. I wish my husband looked at me like that," the source claimed.

Another insider told Us Weekly that Glennon has been faithful, and infidelity is not an issue in their relationship.

"Andrew has been nothing but faithful and loving to Amber since the day they met," the source told the magazine. "All he wanted was a happy family with Amber, but her lack of self-care with her mental health disorders and choosing not to take her medications regularly has caused great stress among the two."

Another source said the two still love each other, but the arrest has put a strain on the relationship.

"They love each other, but as things intensify, it's becoming a more difficult situation to navigate and come back from," the insider said. "In her life, men have taken advantage of her. ... She's very sensitive to repeating that."

Portwood was arrested on July 5 after an altercation with Glennon, who was allegedly holding James when it happened. According to court documents, Portwood allegedly held a machete during the incident and "threatened to kill herself."

After Portwood was released from jail the day after her arrest, she appeared to hint at infidelity playing a role in the situation. "Cheating a choice no mistake," she wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Days after the arrest, Glennon filed for full custody of James, as a "protective measure," according to one source.


"Andrew is doing it as a protective measure to ensure whatever happens with upcoming court rulings, their son will have the best outcome regardless," a source told Us Weekly. "Amber and Andrew still really care about each other and this is not the end of their relationship."

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