Amber Portwood Reportedly 'Learning More’ About Boyfriend Andrew Glennon Amid Cheating Post

Two weeks after her arrest for domestic battery, Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood is realizing that she might not know everything about her boyfriend Andrew Glennon. A source told Us Weekly that the explosive fight that led to Portwood's arrest is proving difficult to get over.

"They love each other but as things intensify, it's becoming a more difficult situation to navigate and come back from," the source said. "She's learning more things about Andrew with time."

The insider added that Portwood, 29, has been "really supportive" of Glennon, 35, but is also "very sensitive" about letting her guard down with him. "In her life, men have taken advantage of her ... She's very sensitive to repeating that."

Portwood's friends reportedly also have their doubts about her significant other. "Some of her friends don't trust him and his intentions. They did get together so fast," the source said.

The information about Portwood's feelings about Glennon comes a few days after the Never Too Late author shared a now-deleted cryptic post about infidelity to Instagram. "Cheating is a choice not a mistake," it read.

The message caused many fans to wonder if Glennon possibly cheated on Portwood, leading to the fight in which Portwood allegedly wielded a machete at him which resulted in Portwood's arrest in Indianapolis on July 5. At the time of Portwood's assault on Glennon, he was allegedly holding their 14-month-old son, James. Portwood also shares daughter Leah, 10, with ex Gary Shirley.

"[Amber] struck the machete at and into a door, while Andrew Glennon was standing directly on the other side of the door, that created a substantial risk of bodily injury to Andrew Glennon," court documents obtained by RadarOnline read.

However, the Us Weekly source said that details of the argument may have been exaggerated. "The events of the evening where they fought have been misconstrued," they said.


The day after her arrest, Portwood was released from jail. Days later, she was served with a no contact order for Glennon and is reportedly staying with her mother, Tonya. A source told Us Weekly that though Glennon is seeking full custody of James with child support and no unsupervised visits "as a protective measure," the couple may not be totally finished.

"Amber and Andrew still really care about each other and this is not the end of their relationship," the source said.