'Teen Mom': Jenelle Evans Podcast Firing Confirmed by '90 Day Fiance' Star

In late March, Jenelle Evans opened up to her fans about her new venture — a podcast called Girl S—t. Shortly after she announced the project, it was reported that Evans was fired from it. While the Teen Mom 2 alum claimed that there was more to the story, 90 Day Fiancé star Deavan Clegg, who was tapped to be a part of the Girl S—t project, confirmed that Evans was fired, as Heavy.com reported.

Clegg told The Sun that she did not know about Evans' past before agreeing to be a part of Girl S—t. She claimed that she was not aware of the situation surrounded the Teen Mom alum's dog Nugget, whom Evans' husband, David Eason, shot and killed in May 2019. As a result of that past, Clegg told those involved with Girl S—t that she did not want to be a part of the same project that Evans was working on. The 90 Day Fiancé star told the publication, “I told the owner I would not be involved in a project that is working with someone with these allegations. It’s everything I’m against. As far as I know, she's been fired."

On Thursday, Evans claimed that she was not fired from the project as she's a producer. She also claimed that she "hand chose" Clegg to be a part of the podcast. However, Clegg has denied those claims to The Sun, telling the outlet, "That's not true… She was never a producer when I signed on. She said she knew someone working on a big project and said jump on a zoom call if you want to be involved." She added, “I went to the meeting and there were several other girls. She didn't hire me and she was never my producer… There were several girls and me and Jenelle were just part of the cast like other girls.”

Gabrielle Egan, who was also tapped to be a part of the podcast, also told The Sun that Evans had been let go. Egan explained, “I was told Jenelle was being let go from the production because of new information that was discovered about her past and a lot of the cast was uncomfortable working with her. " She added that since agreeing to be on the podcast, she and others associated with the podcast have received negative attention because of their connection to Evans. Egan added, “Since posting with Jenelle, a lot of us have lost followers, received a lot of hate for even being associated with her. From what I know, Jenelle is no longer associated with Girl S—t.”