'Teen Mom: Family Reunion': Amber Portwood Experiences Significant Medical Issue While at Retreat

Amber Portwood's time on Teen Mom: Family Reunion isn't getting off to the best start. On Tuesday's episode, Portwood explained to the other cast members how a serious sunburn has been affecting her ability to take part in activities. Although, despite the fact that she's dealing with a major sunburn, she did engage in an emotional discussion with the other Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 stars. During that discussion, Portwood opened up about her relationship with daughter Leah like never before. 

At the beginning of the episode, Portwood walked into a room that the cast was sitting in. Everyone asked her how she was doing and the reality star promptly took off her sandal in order to show off the gnarly sunburn that she received while kayaking during a prior activity. She said that she was experiencing "sun poisoning" as a result, something that she didn't even know was possible. 

Later on in the episode, Portwood called her ex Gary Shirley, who is also on the trip, to give him an update on how she was feeling. Portwood, who was resting in her room, said that she wanted to hang out with everyone but that she simply wasn't able to. Since she wasn't feeling well enough, Shirley brought her a plate of food. By the end of the episode, Portwood said that she was doing alright enough to have dinner with everyone else. Although, she still wasn't feeling her best. She explained to the camera that she was going to have to deal with the pain, as she wanted to be able to take part in the retreat with her fellow Teen Mom stars. 


Once she was back with the group, Portwood gave an update about the status of her relationship with her daughter Leah, whom she shares with Shirley. She explained to the others that there has been some tension between the two of them as Portwood was absent from Leah's life for a period of time. After doing some work on herself, including going to therapy, she has realized that there was "no excuse" for letting her daughter down. Portwood said that it's taken some time for her to reach this level of "accountability." Now that she has, she is seemingly on the right path for reconciliation with Leah.