'Teen Mom' Dad Jo Rivera Rushes Daughter to Hospital

Teen Mom star Jo Rivera dealt with an incredibly scary situation recently. According to The Sun, Rivera and his wife, Vee Rivera, had to rush their 4-year-old daughter Vivi to the hospital after they found out that she shoved a pom-pom up her nose. Vee later recounted the whole stressful situation on her Instagram Story.

“We had to take my daughter to the hospital because she had a pom-pom stuck up her nose. For a few days. It’s been up there for a few days, and we didn’t know," Vee said on her Instagram Story. “So funny because I kept smelling this horrible smell on her, and, at first, we thought it was her breath, but I kept brushing her teeth, brushing her teeth and I could still smell it.” She then said that she followed her "gut instinct" in order to figure out what was really going on with her daughter. After looking up what it could be online, Vee realized that the smell could be coming from her daughter's nose. She recounted, “I looked up her nose while she was asleep, and, sure enough, there it was. Just chilling in there. Deep as hell.”

Vee then discussed the situation with Jo and the couple decided to take Vivi to the hospital. While she noted that she was able to laugh about the situation afterward, Vee said that she was "feeling very bad and crying" during the matter. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jo was not able to come into the hospital with his wife and daughter, a fact which only added to Vee's overall stress. She even noted, “I was going crazy because I’m a f—ing anxious, paranoid-a** person. Thank God everything turned out fine.”

Just like she shared, everything indeed turned out alright. A nurse was able to see Vee and Vivi right away and he was able to recover the pom-pom from the youngster's nose. Amid the stressful situation, Vee said that her daughter told her, “Mommy, I don’t think I’m going to play with those pom-poms anymore.”

Jo and Vee originally welcomed their daughter in 2015. Two years after they welcomed Vivi into the world, the couple wed. Jo also shares one son, Isaac, with his ex Kailyn Lowry, who currently stars on Teen Mom 2.