'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Tears Into Ex Jo Rivera After Saying He Could Send Her to Jail

Kailyn Lowry is feeling resentful toward her ex, Jo Rivera, for allegedly telling her he would [...]

Kailyn Lowry is feeling resentful toward her ex, Jo Rivera, for allegedly telling her he would "see [her] in court" for breaking their custody agreement. She vented about the situation on her Coffee Convos podcast with co-host Lindsie Chrisley earlier this month.

The drama all started for the Teen Mom 2 star when she decided she would take her and Rivera's son Isaac, 9, to Hawaii six days earlier than planned so that she could arrive at the same time as her co-star, Leah Messer, and Messer's kids. Lowry initially sent in a 30-day notice to book the trip for July 5-20, Hollywood Life reports.

Lowry claimed on the Aug. 8 episode of the podcast that she asked for Rivera's permission to pick up Isaac earlier on June 30 to make a flight that same night. After a week of no response from Rivera, she said she booked the flight. After that week passed, she texted him a second time to ask again if she could have Isaac on June 30.

"No, the Fourth of July is mine," Rivera allegedly texted her, Lowry recalled during the podcast episode, adding that she couldn't understand why Rivera was allegedly being stubborn about the holiday. The mom of three claims he was "not giving [her] a reason why" he wanted Isaac that day, and she quickly became "irritated."

The drama meant that MTV was not permitted to film Lowry during her vacation with Messer.

"Because Jo was supposed to get nine to five on the Fourth of July, it becomes a legal issue," Lowry explained on the podcast. That's because if Rivera were to file a complaint and if Lowry were "found in contempt" of their agreement, it could mean that it would be a "legal issue [MTV] couldn't be a part of."

She said she even feared she could spend 24 hours in jail over the dispute.

Teen Mom 2 fans might be surprised by the turn in events for the co-parents, especially after Lowry even attended Rivera's wedding with Vee Torres in 2018. Although Torres backed out from making a guest appearance on Coffee Convos, Lowry said that there's no bad blood between the two women. "I'm not here to put Vee in the middle," she said, revealing that Torres even reached out while Lowry was still in Hawaii.

"She said that once Jo and I resolve it, she would love to come on the podcast but she just wanted to talk it out, because MTV was going to film it," Lowry recalled Vee saying over text. "[Vee] doesn't know what I've said, she said she doesn't really know the situation at all. Like, Jo didn't really talk to her about it, so she just didn't want to be in the middle and I understand that."

In an episode of Teen Mom 2 earlier this year, Lowry confronted Rivera over another issue involving Isaac, — this time, child support.

The two had agreed that Lowry would pay Jo back for the child support he had paid after the two had decided not to move forward with the payments but before she managed to file the paperwork with the courts, but with Jo filing for his own child support, the MTV star was feeling miffed.

"It's tough for me right now, because I don't see his point of view other than I should pay him back the money that he's paid," she told a producer. "Obviously I understand that, but if I do that, I don't think I should still pay him, because it's 50/50."

After the meeting, Lowry revealed that Jo found himself needing a little help with Isaac financially since starting a real estate business.

Starting her own Pothead hair care business, Lowry wasn't feeling particularly sympathetic, but also agreed to help out if he needed a few hundred dollars every once and a while for something to help Isaac.

"I'm torn, because I understand you need little bit of help for Isaac," she said, getting emotional. "But at the same time, it's like, I didn't start this business for you."

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