'Teen Mom' Catelyn Lowell's Brother River Accuses Her of Getting Pregnant to 'Try and Stay Relevant'

Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell shared the happy news earlier this week that she is pregnant and expecting her and husband Tyler Baltierra's fourth child – but not everyone is happy for her. Baltierra's half-brother, River Lowell, threw shade at the MTV personality and accused her of getting pregnant only to "stay relevant" in pop culture.

The Sun reports that River, who shares a father, David, with Catelynn, took to his private Instagram Story with a snarky message. "Lol my sister got pregnant AGAIN to try and stay relevant," he wrote. Catelynn's parents, April and David, broke up when she was a young child and went on to have children with different partners, The Sun reports. Catelynn does not appear to have responded to her brother's shade.

Lowell, 28, announced her pregnancy earlier this week by sharing a photo of her daughters holding a card that revealed they were 27 weeks way from becoming big sisters. "This rainbow was worth the storm. Baby Baltierra coming soon," Lowell wrote, referencing a miscarriage she suffered last year.

In an interview with Celebuzz, she said she was shocked she got pregnant just one month after miscarrying. "I was definitely surprised that we got pregnant so fast with this baby! But we are so excited," she said, adding that when she first told Baltierra, he didn't believe her. "I just handed him the positive test," she said. Even then, Baltierra didn't believe the news until Lowell "missed [her] period and took another test that was positive."

Teen Mom fans will get to see the pregnancy play out throughout the current season. On Tuesday night's episode, Lowell took multiple pregnancy tests and told a producer that she believed she was pregnant. However, the tests came back inconclusive, so she sought more tests and took them at her home — although again the results did not give her and Baltierra a clear answer. As it turns out, fans will have to wait to see the happy news as toward the end of the episode, Lowell explained that she started her period and was, of course, not pregnant.

"[We] waited until I was further along to even mention it on the show," she revealed to Celebuzz, which means fans may have a few more weeks of suspense before the pregnancy news plays out onscreen.

She also told the outlet that the baby will be another girl, which will make Lowell and Baltierra parents to four girls. The couple share 11-year-old Carly, who was placed for adoption, 6-year-old Novalee and 2-year-old Vaeda. "While we wanted a boy since this is our last, as long as she's healthy though that really all that matters," Lowell said. "This is our last and final but we know one day we will have a grandson and adore him!"


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