'Teen Mom': Is Briana DeJesus Quitting the Show?

Months after Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska announced she was leaving the show, her fellow co-star, Briana DeJesus, may have done the same. Fans think DeJesus has walked away from the show when she re-posted a cryptic farewell message from one of the show producers to her family. If she did walk away, she would have done so quietly instead of announcing it first.

Alongside a photo of DeJesus, her daughters Nova, 9, and Stella, 3, at dinner with her sister Brittany and mom Roxxanne, the producer wrote what seemed like a goodbye message. "The DeJesus family is amazing and I'm so grateful to have met them and to have been their producer," the producer said according to The Sun. "Bri is honestly an exceptional mom and Roxanne and Britt care more about the lil ones and each other than life." The producer ended with, "Being around such a supportive, loving family every day was truly a blessing. Love you guys!!"

While this could be a sign the longtime reality star is walking away, it's also quite possible that the producer made the decision to walk away from the MTV show. She followed up that post with another one showing a balloon that says "Happy Retirement" on it as DeJesus wrote, "Love you." While some still thought this meant the mom-of-two was leaving, others thought it was more of a celebration that her longtime producer was the one stepping away instead.

"Eh, the producer could be retiring honestly," one person wrote according to the outlet. Someone else wrote, "And she loves to keep y'all guessing. She posted that on purpose guys." However, another called her out for wanting a "sugar daddy" so she didn't have to go back to her corporate job. The commenter was referring to a tweet she posted that read, "So since I work in corporate America. I have to and I've been using it and now that it's almost coming to an end....I really don't wanna go back," then she said, "Need a sugar daddy so I can stay home forever." In fact, she's mentioned it more than once.

While she may have said she needs a "sugar daddy" she proudly bought her very first house in cash when internet trolls accused her of not being able to pay her bills. "Y'all know they gotta move in she can't afford a house payment and bills on her own when her baby daddies never give her child support that's her only story line," one person wrote when they noticed her family would also be moving in as well. DeJesus immediately clapped back.


"I don't need to afford a house payment cause I paid for my house in full!" she wrote. "All cash, no mortgage so please stop with the bs lol and I don't NEED my baby daddies, I would like it so I can stop spending all of my own."