'Teen Mom 2' Star Briana DeJesus Lashes out on Social Media, Has NSFW Message

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus just bought herself a new home but one fan thinks she can't afford the mortgage payment.

She announced to her followers on Twitter than she bought a home and several fans shared their excitement with her — some even giving helpful suggestions.

However, one internet troll accused the reality tv star of not being able to afford the house payment, which is why she's moving her sister Brittany and mom Roxanne in with her.

"Y'all know they gotta move In she can't afford a house payment and bills on her own when her baby daddies never give her child support that's her only story line," the troll wrote.

DeJesus immediately clapped back, posting, "I don't need to afford a house payment cause I paid for my house in full! All cash, no mortgage so please stop with the bs lol and I don't NEED my baby daddies, I would like it so I can stop spending all of my own [laugh emoji]."

On a lighter note, she did have a lot of support. She even reached out to fans asking them where she could find good furniture to buy for her home, tweeting, "I've been looking at dining set tables and sofas and I just don't know anymore. Too many options make my mind go crazy."

While DeJesus was able to pay for her home in full, not all of that money is from reality tv. Last week, she came out and admitted to fans that she does a normal job just like everyone else.

"I hate when people tell me to get a real job," she tweeted. "I have one!"

"Regular 9-5 like everyone else," she added. "I'll never forget where I came from."

It's not exactly clear on what her job title is or where she works but fans do know that it's within corporate America.

DeJesus was originally on 16 and Pregnant, then moved up to Teen Mom 3, however, the spinoff eventually canceled in 2013 and that's when she walked away from reality tv for a while.


But in 2017, she made her comeback on Teen Mom 2 during Season 8.

Teen Mom 2 is expected to return to MTV later this year, and when it does, a new cast member will be added to replace Jenelle Evans. The open spot has been given to Jade Cline who is a former cast member of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.