'Teen Mom 2' Star Briana DeJesus Says She Needs 'a Sugar Daddy,' and All Kinds of Replies Are Coming In

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus just told her fans she's taking applications for a "sugar daddy," and fans had some thoughts. DeJesus has prided herself on working a normal job outside of the popular MTV reality series, even standing up to internet trolls who have tried bullying her over their assumption that she wasn't able to afford the new house she bought. But now, while some fans feel a little confused, others are cheering the 25-year-old on.

One person wrote, "That's fine, lmao," while someone else said, "Same sis."

Another follower agreed with her writing, "Girl get you one, you deserve its."

While a lot of her followers agreed, there were also a lot of volunteers! While several fans think that DeJesus' only job is the show, she revealed this past summer that she actually "works in corporate America" as her real job. But since many didn't know that at the time, she vented her frustrations via social media about people telling her to go get a "real job."

"I hate when people tell me to get a real job," she wrote in a tweet. "I have one!"

She also noted, "Regular 9-5 like everyone else [crying-laughing emoji]. I'll never forget where I came from."

Also, this summer, she shared the exciting news of buying her first house with fans, but not all of them had kind things to say. When one internet troll accused the reality star of not being able to afford the house payment because she moved her sister Brittany and mom Roxanne in with her, DeJesus had a few words for the follower.

"Ya'll know they gotta move in she can't afford a house payment and bills on her own when her baby daddies never give her child support that's her only story line," the troll wrote.


DeJesus clapped back with, "I don't need to afford a house payment cause I paid for my house in full! All cash, no mortgage so please stop with the bs lol and I don't NEED my baby daddies, I would like it so I can stop spending all of my own [laugh emoji]."

The fact that she was able to pay for her house in full is why some fans were a little lost on whether to take her recent tweet seriously or not.