'Teen Mom OG' Star Amber Portwood Reportedly Won't Face Consequences for Threatening YouTuber

Amber Portwood will not face any legal repercussions with her probation officer after she allegedly threatened a YouTuber. TMZ reports that the Teen Mom star's officer at the Marion County Probation Department in Indiana won't pursue the issue because it is not related to her current case.

Katie Joy, who runs the Without a Crystal Ball YouTube account, contacted the police after she felt threatened by some comments Portwood made on an Instagram Story. Portwood said, "I know your address" in reference to Joy.

Joy has been extensively documenting Portwood's domestic violence case involving her boyfriend Andrew Glennon. Recently, she posted the video and audio of the entire fight between Portwood and Glennon for which Portwood pled guilty to two felonies for domestic battery and intimidation.

The clip is a recording of the fight that led to Portwood allegedly brandishing a machete and attacking Glennon with it. She avoided jail time as part of her deal, but is on probation for 906 days and can be sent to prison if she violates that.

In August, Glennon opened up to Us Weekly about the abuse he claims he was subject to from Portwood.

"The financial abuse and 'familial' mindset of Amber has never been more clearer than it is now," Glennon told the outlet. "Any and all money coming in, even in my name, 'belonged' to her and that's how she saw it. She's made that very clear and the threats were a constant part of life with her."

"I wanted a happy family," he continued. "Whereas she was more concerned with her own agenda and her actions have proven exactly that. I put everything into the family account because I wanted a happy and provided for family. All profits went into the family account and spent on family travels, health expenses, Amber's jewelry [and] clothing, food and life."

More recently, Portwood has accused Glennon of not allowing her to visit the one-year-old son they share.


"There is no denying of any visitations," Glennon told InTouch Weekly about the allegations. "My attorney has been in touch with her attorney, and papers have been filed that will help to get this process moving."

Portwood filed paperwork in court on Nov. 6 that said he "denied Mother all parenting time since" Oct. 22.