'Teen Mom 2' Star Jade Cline Reveals Her Advice to Combat Mom-Shaming (Exclusive)

Jade Cline doesn't have time for mom-shaming! With daughter Kloie just days from turning 2 and a full schedule in cosmetology school, the newest Teen Mom 2 star has come up with a simple way to avoid all that comes with being in the spotlight as a mother. Ahead of Tuesday's season premiere, Cline shared her advice for other moms with PopCulture.com: "Don't second guess yourself."

"Always put your child first and ignore any mom-shamers," she added. "You know what's best for your kid."

There's an old saying Cline draws on when people start to comment on her choices as a mom, especially those who see just snippets of her life every week on Teen Mom 2 or Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

"Opinions are just like a—holes," the reality personality said. "Everyone has them and most of them stink."

Being catapulted into the spotlight from her normal life, Cline explained her "biggest strategy" to keep her head about her is to "stay true to who I am and stay humble to who I am."

That doesn't mean she is adverse to learning and changing from the situations fans will see play back this season, especially when it comes to difficulties with her ex, Sean Austin.

"When you make mistakes, people respect you if you learn," Cline told PopCulture.com.

Despite any of the drama to come this season, the new Teen Mom star said she's looking forward to people to coming alongside her on her journey: "Overall, I'm really excited for people just to watch the whole season and take away that I have grown and turned into such a great person and good woman, and I feel like I've been a great mother."


Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV