'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Deletes Twitter in Wake of Past Racist Comments Resurfacing

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry deleted her Twitter page after a controversial old clip from the series resurfaced. In the scene, Lowry yelled at her ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera for dressing their son Isaac "like a thug." A Teen Mom viewer shared the 2014 scene on Twitter Thursday after MTV cut ties with Taylor Selfridge due to racist tweets from 2012 earlier this week.

In the clip, Lowry told Rivera, who is Puerto Rican, that she does not like the way Isaac is dressed when he is with his father. "I think you forget about the fact that he's half-white and he's half-Hispanic. I feel like you dress him in a stereotypical way and I don't like it," Lowry told him. Rivera was surprised and told Lowry he did not understand "what your description of how I dress him is." Lowry then snapped back, "You dress him like a thug!"

When the scene originally aired, Lowry denied she was racist and tried to laugh off Twitter users who called her out. Her friend, Toni Ziegler, later told The Ashley's Reality Roundup that Lowry did "regret" what she said because she wanted Isaac to embrace "both of his cultures" and claimed the scene was edited. "She was wrong to say it, for sure, but she was upset that Jo tries to change Isaac's life and look so much whenever he goes over there," Ziegler explained. "Plus, a lot of the time Jo just does it because he knows it makes Kail mad. He likes to push her buttons."

Lowry has since completely deleted her Twitter account, as InTouch points out, but Teen Mom fans have continued to call on MTV to sever all ties with her. Those calls were amplified as MTV canceled a Teen Mom OG special centering on Selfridge and Cory Wharton, which was filmed at their home. After it was suddenly pulled from the schedule, Selfridge shared a statement on Instagram, where she hinted it was her decision to leave MTV because she thinks to be on a reality TV show no longer "benefits me any further at this point in my life."

Selfridge, who also appeared on Ex on the Beach, went onto apologize for her tweets, which she has apologized for in the past. During a Season 8 episode of Teen Mom OG, she apologized to Cheyenne Floyd. "I have addressed my mistakes many times on the network and I would like to move on and continue to be the best version of myself," Selfridge wrote. "My past does not define who I am today and I hope you guys can see the change."


Lowry still has an active Instagram account, where she did show support for Black Lives Matter by posting a black square on June 2. Her most recent post was published on Sunday and is a photo of herself with son Lincoln, 6. Lowry is expecting her fourth child, and second with Chris Lopez.