'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Evans Slams 'Upsetting' Comments About Husband David Eason After Reunion Storm-Off

Jenelle Evans may have been coaxed back onto the Teen Mom 2 reunion stage after a confrontation about her social media posts went south, but she wasn't done defending husband David Eason.

Monday's second part of the season reunion picked up where last week's left off, with Evans having ripped off her mic and stormed off stage after host Nessa Diab confronted her about comments she had made on Facebook about her boyfriend, NFL player and activist Colin Kaepernick.

"She couldn't wait 'til the end? 'Til we were done?" Evans cried to Dr. Drew Pinsky. "I've been having so many medical issues this whole trip, and the first thing I go out on stage, I get attacked."

Dr. Drew responded, "I think that's a sign of how much she was affected by the [social media post]," triggering Evans' tearful, "Well, guess what? I've been affected by so many f—ing people lately."

Coaxing Jenelle back on stage by allowing her mom Barbara to sit beside her, the MTV personality claimed the posts were not made by her, despite MTV showing evidence to the contrary on the screen.

"I'm just sick of everyone from this show attacking me," she cried. "It's everybody."

She continued that not being able to film at her home after Eason was fired from the show for making homophobic comments was making her experience with the show tough, but what was worse was her co-stars' constant criticism of her marriage.

"They have alienated Jenelle out of this group of girls for years," Barbara chimed in.

"I honestly don't want to reach out and I don't want to lash out at anyone," Jenelle continued, "But they will not stop talking about me and my husband, and it's really upsetting. ...There's so many good things happening at my house, and everyone's getting along, and it really sucks that no one can see it."

Jenelle did acknowledge that it was Eason who threatened to "sabotage" filming if it occurred at her house, but added, "I think he was so angry, because they took him off the show. We know the reasons why, but they never gave him an explanation!"

When asked why she continued to defend her husband, even when he was in the wrong, she sobbed, "Because I love him and he's a great father. I'm not gonna sit here and talk s— about him."

Not long after the reunion filming, Evans and Eason would lose temporary custody of the children residing in their home after he admitted to shooting and killing the family's French Bulldog. The couple is currently embroiled in a court battle to regain custody.

MTV also announced that it would no longer be filming with Jenelle in wake of the tragedy.


Part three of the Teen Mom 2 reunion airs Monday, June 3 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV