'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Evans Questions If Son Jace Should Meet Birth Father Andrew Lewis

As the day drew closer for Jenelle Evans' son Jace to meet birth father Andrew Lewis for the first [...]

As the day drew closer for Jenelle Evans' son Jace to meet birth father Andrew Lewis for the first time, the Teen Mom 2 star questioned whether the meeting was a good idea at all.

In Monday's all-new episode of the MTV reality show, Jenelle and her mother Barbara Evans met to discuss the Evans matriarch's upcoming trip to New York to see if Lewis was "stable" enough from his previous substance abuse issues to meet his son.

Jenelle said she was "worried" Lewis hadn't changed from when he walked away from his infant son, especially when Barbara, who has primary custody of Jace, revealed he had been texting her late at night.

"I have a feeling he's the same way," she told Jenelle.

Lewis being absent from Jace's life was clearly starting to affect the 9-year-old, Jenelle confessed, saying that after dropping off 4-year-old son Kaiser with family members of his biological dad, Jace came home to cry.

"I know why he was upset—that Kaiser had another side of the family to go visit," she told Barbara. "So it hurt Jace's feelings that he wasn't part of that."

Regardless, Barbara said she thought it was time one of them reached out and made contact with Lewis.

"I don't want to tell Jace, because he'll be wanting to go," Barbara explained, to which Jenelle responded, "I don't want him to expect to be excited over a father figure that he doesn't have."

Meanwhile in New York, Lewis told a friend he felt like he had "missed out" on his son's life and was looking forward to possibly connecting with him.

"Could you just imagine me being able to see my kid and who I am, what I do and how we would be, like father like son, man? You already know. We would be like two peas in a pod. We would tear this freakin' city up," he said. "I waited years, and I knew the day would come. He's gonna wanna see how I am."

Jenelle was still feeling unsure about the meeting, however, and about bringing Lewis back into her life.

"I don't want Jace to sit there and blame me for not letting him see Andrew, but I want him to know that, yeah, I tried. Yeah, I did check up on your dad and he was still doing bad, and I checked on him again, again, and again and he's still bad," Jenelle said. "I don't want him to see his father and think that he's some great person, and then meet him and he's like, 'Oh, he's this drunk and he's nobody,' and his expectations just shoot down. So I want my mom to go to New York and validate that he's in the right state of mind."

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Photo credit: MTV