'Teen Mom 2' Newlyweds: From 'Married' to 'It's Complicated'

Jenelle Evans has an interesting response to rumors that she and husband David Eason are on the outs.

Rumors started that the Teen Mom 2 newlyweds were splitting after just three months of marriage when Evans deleted her relationship status on Facebook, after Eason changed his from "married" to "it's complicated" before deleting his profile altogether. Evans was also spotted singing Let Me Go by Hailee Steinfeld, a mopey break-up song, on her Snapchat story.

But despite their social media sparring, Evans told Radar Thursday that everyone needs to back off when it comes to her relationship.

"If I have sex with my husband, it's my business," she said. "If I go skydiving with my husband, it's my business. If I want to s— on my husband's hand, it's all my business."

As for the Facebook fighting? "That doesn't define one's relationship," she said. "Hate to tell ya."

Evans and Eason's relationship has long been shown on the MTV reality show to be turbulent at best and abusive at worst.

This season, he two were seen fighting frequently, and some fans even claim to have seen bruises on Evans.

The two even stormed out of the season reunion this October when Eason was called "aggressive" by Dr. Drew.

Evans' ex, Nathan Griffith called the their relationship "chaotic" and filled with "red flags."

"I just think it's a really controlling relationship, especially when he oversteps his boundaries as a male figure in Kaiser's life," he said.

Evans and Eason have also been threatening their Teen Mom 2 castmates (including Evans' mother Barbara) with legal action for allegedly spreading "false and defamatory" statements about the pair.

This, paired with other erratic behaviors, prompted Griffith to imply the two were using drugs. Evans has long struggled with drug abuse, but claims to be clean.

"Not everyone is on drugs and thinks the world is out to get them," Griffith tweeted alongside photos of his friends, girlfriend and kids last month. "As for me, I'm still on cloud 9 #lifeisgood #theyreallgonnalaughatme."


Photo credit: Instagram/@j_evans1219)