'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans and David Eason Set to Appear in Court Yet Again

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason will be appearing in court again soon. Eason's ex, Olivia Leedham, is moving forward with her lawsuit against the two former reality television stars for allegedly posting a nude photo of her on a GoFundMe page she created to help raise money for her court battle with Eason. Leedham is the mother of Eason's son Kaden, and she has been in an ongoing legal battle with Eason over custody of Kaden.

Back in November 2019, The Ashleys Reality Roundup reported that Leedham filed a lawsuit against Eason and Evans for allegedly posting an explicit photo of Leedham on the GoFundMe page to harass her. On Friday, The Ashleys reported the case is still ongoing. Leedham never dropped the case, and a hearing was scheduled for Sept. 15. The hearing will be held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. Evans filed a motion to dismiss the allegations against her in February, and a court date on the situation was scheduled for April, but it was postponed until now.

In the lawsuit, Leedham claims the Easons shared an explicit photo she shared with Eason in 2013 when they were still in a relationship. "The picture was not posted by Olivia or posted with her consent," the lawsuit reads. Leedham also accused Evans and Eason of publishing "a barrage of libelous, cruel and untrue postings" on social media. She said Eason gave her haircutting skills poor reviews on multiple sites, using an account with the name "David E." that had a profile picture with Eason and Evans. In one review, Eason allegedly wrote that Leedham gave hi ma "horrible hack job" and "stabbed him in the head with scissors and cut his ear with clippers." Leedham said she never cut Eason's hair. She also accused Evans of posting a false review on the website for the barbershop she works at.

Leedham also accused Eason of claiming she was an alcoholic and has a different "daddy" for Kaden each weekend. She also claims Eason shared private texts between her and another man from 2015 on his Facebook page. Evans allegedly "unleashed a stream of libelous, slanderous and false stories," Leedham claims. "Jenelle concludes her libelous post by calling Olivia a) an alcoholic b) cheater c) drug addict d) scam artist e) spousal abuser, all of which are false," the lawsuit reads. Leedham is seeking about $150,000 in total for the allegations.


Leedham raised just over $6,000 from her GoFundMe account before closing it. After recently returning to social media to compete for Maxim's Australian cover girl contest, one fan asked her if she used the money for a boob job. She denied this speculation. "Absolutely not!" she wrote. "I have a conscious! I am the most honest and blunt person you'll ever meet! All the money that was raised went straight to my attorney for him to use and hold for our case for Kaden."