Jenelle Evans' Husband David Eason Lost Custody of Son Kaden Before Dispute With Ex

David Eason reportedly lost custody of his son Kaden months before he started to publicly express his concern about the 5-year-old's safety. According to a new report released by Radar Online, a judge in North Carolina granted sole legal and physical custody of the boy to Eason's ex-girlfriend Olivia Leedham back on June 29.

Court documents released by the site said that the pipe welder saw his son every other weekend starting in January 2018. Things changed in July of that year when Kaden allegedly "began displaying a series of alarming behaviors related to visitation."

The child allegedly "would cry uncontrollably," "beg not to visit" his father and become "evasive" when questioned about why he did not want to go.

Eason's visitation rights were reportedly suspended in November 2018. The documents cited Evans' October 911 call, in which she claimed Eason had assaulted her while the children — Kaden included according to Leedham — were in the house sleeping. The documents also referenced a December 2018 Instagram video that showed Eason displaying multiple weapons in his property.

Us Weekly writes the court determined Leedham was the only parent fit to have custody of young Kaden.

"Since the entry of the February 6, 2018, custody order there has been a substantial change in circumstances affecting the welfare of the minor child," the documents read. "It is in the best interest of the minor child that plaintiff shall have sole legal and physical custody of the parties' minor child."

The outlet reports Eason is allowed to talk to his son on Skype two days a week.

Eason and wife Jenelle Evans made headlines earlier this week when the controversial reality television personality slammed Leedham in a Facebook post.

"I am super scared for my son Kaden's safety. His mother is on drugs and has kept him from me for a long time trying to hide her bad habits," he claimed in the post. "This woman has kept Kaden from me since before he was born, when she asked me to sign a paper saying I didn't have to be the dad. Olivia was always very abuse [sic] towards me and even put my son's life in danger several time [sic] while she was pregnant."

Evans lashed out as well after Leedham started a GoFundMe page to help protect Kaden from them. The couple also set up their own GoFundMe page.


"David and I are very concerned with Kaden's situation being in/out of a different home every 2 months, different men he doesn't know and having to call them 'Daddy,' being abusive towards men she dates, and her drug addictions to adderall/alcohol," Jenelle said on social media at the time.