'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans' Husband David Eason Accused of Pulling Gun on Woman

Just days after causing a stir making disturbing comments about harming LGBT children, David Eason is back in the spotlight, this time for allegedly pulling a gun on a real estate agent parked on the road near his house.

The husband of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was accused of threatening the mother of a woman who goes by Kelli Britt Faulk, who posted this message on the couple's shared Facebook fan page Saturday: "Just thought you should know that the woman you just pulled a gun on was my mom. The woman in that white care was my mom which is a real estate agent who was out looking for land."

David Eason gun accusation
(Photo: Facebook/David Eason & Jenelle Evans-Eason)

Evans was quick to respond, writing, "Thought you should know that your mom is a liar. David had his phone on him and nothing else. But if she comes on my property again she will be charged with trespassing and harassment. And there's no land for sale on my road…once again another lie."

David Eason gun jenelle reaction
(Photo: Facebook/David Eason & Jenelle Evans-Eason)

But Faulk didn't back down, clapping back, "She was looking for land you idiot. She's a real estate agent. My momma doesn't want your dumpy modular house. She immediately called me and thought it was one of my best friends that did it to her. Until someone sent a screenshot of David's Snapchat and then I realized who it was and told her who it was. Y'all are nothing more than crazy lunatics. Just because you're on TV doesn't make you any better than anyone else."

She added that her mom had told her that when confronted by Eason, he "chased her down" and "pulled a gun on her."

David Eason gun 2
(Photo: Facebook/David Eason & Jenelle Evans-Eason)

"He even cussed her out and said he was buying every single bit of land around there," she continued.

Evans doubled down, however, claiming that her husband couldn't have had a gun on him, as "he had two hands on the 4 wheeler."

Others in the group pointed out, however, than Eason himself has claimed to always be carrying a firearm, and shows off his holstered weapon on social media everywhere from the breakfast table to the kids' soccer game.

"David himself says he's always strapped. We know this," one fan commented on Evans' denial. "He has a gun on his hip at all times. You said this, he said this, come on Jenelle. If he's making you eggs his gun is on his side. Shall we find all the pictures and videos for this girl? We can..."

Police have not commented on the accusations publicly at this time.


Teen Mom 2 Season 9 premieres Monday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: Instagram/Jenelle Evans