'Teen Mom 2' Alum David Eason Deactivates Facebook After Alleged Transphobic Remarks

David Eason, the controversial husband of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, reportedly shut down his Facebook page after he told a fan he would "slap" his child if he or she came out as transgender.

Earlier this week, a fan asked Eason, "Serious question, what would you do if one of your kids came to you and said, 'Dad I think I should be a boy/girl?'"

According to OK! Magazine, Eason replied, "I would slap the s– out of them."

"Man you're really trying to lose your kids," the person replied.

"Smickity [sic] smack," he replied.

"Kids that feel they are born in [the] wrong body should be able to choose what they want and [you] should love [and] support them," another user wrote to him.

"Born in the wrong body?" Eason replied. "Well instead of getting body implants maybe they should have a new brain implanted?"

After the comments were reported, Eason's official Facebook page disappeared, InTouch Weekly points out. Indeed, a search of "David Eason" profiles shows other people with that name or fan-created pages. Evans' verified Facebook page is still active.

Notably, Eason has been quiet on Instagram as well, only posting expiring messages on Instagram Story. He has not posted a more permanent image since Dec. 15, when he shared a photo of Evans to complement her. On the other hand, Evans has continued to use Instagram.

Eason has a long history of sharing controversial views. His transphobic comments resulted in MTV firing him from Teen Mom 2 last year, even though Evans and their children continue to appear on the show. In December, a Wilmington, North Carolina man filed charges against Eason after Eason shared a June video of him forcibly removing the man's truck from a parking spot.

In October, Evans called 9-1-1 to report she was "assaulted" by Eason and suffered a broken collarbone. Evans later said she had friends over that night and was drunk when she tripped over a hole. She told Us Weekly she saw a doctor, who told her it was only a sprain.

“Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, what’s Jenelle’s story? Oh, she’s hiding it,'" Evans said. "No, I’m not hiding it. CPS came to my house, they interviewed me, they know the story. My lawyer knows. Everybody knows except for the public."


At one point, the couple stopped following each other on social media, sparking rumors of a divorce. However, they denied it, and Eason appeared in Evans' holiday Instagram photos.

Teen Mom 2 Season 9 kicks off on Monday, Jan. 14 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.