'Teen Mom 2' Star's Plastic Surgeon Under Investigation

Jade Cline underwent a plastic surgery makeover in a recent episode of Teen Mom 2. Unfortunately, Cline's post-surgery period didn't go as planned, as her family members were missing in action when going to get her pain medication. To add to the troubles around the surgery The Sun reported that the surgeon who performed Cline's Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure is under investigation for a separate case. This update came just after the Teen Mom 2 episode featuring the surgery aired.

The Sun reported that Dr. Oliver Chang of Spectrum Aesthetics in Florida performed Cline's surgery, as he appeared on the recent episode of Teen Mom 2 to answer the star's questions prior to the procedure. Cline's plastic surgery makeover involved the surgeon removing fat from various parts of her body to place it in her buttocks and chest regions. The MTV personality got the surgery done this past January. Over a year before Cline's procedure took place, Dr. Chang was reportedly under investigation by the Department of Health.

The Department of Health filed a dispensary action against Chang in 2019. The complaint came after the surgeon performed "suction assisted lipectomy," which is described as removing fat from the "abdomen, flanks, lower back and chin." The patient reportedly did not experience any complications during the procedure and they were able to be released from the hospital the day after the surgery. Although, they reportedly experienced some complications the next day, which is when they were due to have a follow-up appointment.

At that point, the patient "noted bleeding from the operation site on her way to her hotel and lost consciousness." They were promptly transported to the hospital via an ambulance and diagnosed with "hypovolemic shock." The individual was subsequently transported to another hospital for further treatment. They were released two days after. In the complaint, it was noted that Chang was allegedly not reachable during the medical emergency.

"From on or about December 8, 2018, through December 9, 2018, Respondent failed to respond to multiple attempts to contact him with regards to Patient R.M.'s condition," the complaint alleges. "The prevailing professional standard of care required Respondent to be available and/or to have a designee available in the event of an emergency or complication." In light of this complaint, the Department of Health has requested that the Board of Health impose one or more penalties, which could include suspension of his license, issuance of a reprimand, or the restriction of practice, on the surgeon. The Sun noted that they reached out to Dr. Chang for comment, but they did not hear back.


This report comes shortly after the episode aired in which Cline went to Miami to undergo a BBL procedure, performed by Dr. Chang. During the episode, Cline was discharged from the hospital right after the surgery was complete. She complained that she was in "excruciating" pain and noted that it was "even worse than I thought." By the end of the episode, Cline was rushed to the hospital via an ambulance after her mother and stepfather failed to retrieve the proper pain medication for her. The fallout of this situation will take place on Tuesday night's episode, which will air at 8 p.m. ET on MTV. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.