'Teen Mom 2' Fans Think Jenelle Evans Is in Legal Trouble Based on New 'Meetings' Photo

Many celebrities tease their business dealings on social media, but Jenelle Evans trying to do it will definitely lead to trolling from fans. The former Teen Mom 2 star took to Instagram Monday to share a photo of herself signing a document in an office, tagging JE Cosmetics Inc.

"Business per usual," Evans wrote on the caption of the post, along with a queen emoji, stars emoji and the hashtag, #Meetings.

Rather than speculating about what might be on the horizon, fans took to the comments section to joke about the reality star's previous legal problems, stemming from David Eason presumably killing her dog Nugget, which led to her being fired from Teen Mom 2.

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"Ah, yes. Meeting with her lawyers per usual because she and/or her swamp monster huzzbin have broken the law yet again," one user joked.

"Yeah because normal working folks need to post a picture of themselves to prove they're "working". What a joke," another user commented.

"are you writting a letter to your dog?!!" another fan joked, commenting on the scandal.

One user seemed to be over Evans painting a picture of a perfect life on social media and called her out in a lengthy comment.

"Stay off social media!!! Between the contradictions, hypocrisy, and flat out lies I'm embarrassed for you," they wrote. "I don't believe 99.9% of what you say, but if you truly are happy, booked, and busy then enjoy that and stop making a fool of yourself on here. You constantly get mostly negative comments, due solely to your actions, so why keep adding fuel to the fire?? Are you truly that desperate for attention?? Are you trying to make yourself believe everything is okay?? Are you trying to stay relevant?? I seriously don't get it!! Go be a mom and spend every day making up for past actions and what you've put those babies through."

"Legal troubles again.... business as usual," another user presumed.

"More legal troubles for you and your BOOOYFRIAANNDDD!?" Another user commented.

Evans and Eason have been posting regularly on social media after a few difficult months stemming from the incident. After Eason seemed to admit he had shot and killed the dog, Child Protective Services began an investigation and took the children out of their home. They were returned to their home weeks later following a tense custody battle.


Since then, Eason announced his new business, which has already seen come controversy after a copyright issue. The couple also appears to be stronger than ever, though fans have not hesitated to swarm all of their social media posts with reminders of the events of the past few months.

Teen Mom 2 is set to return to MTV in September, with Jade Cline joining the cast in Evans' place.