'Teen Mom 2' Fans Think Jenelle Evans Looks 'Happy' and 'Relaxed' Following David Eason Split

While another stressful court battle looms for former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans following her split from ex David Eason, you wouldn't know it by looking at her. According to her fans, Evans is looking "happy" and "relaxed" following the breakup and her move to the Nashville area.

Evans left Eason at the tail end of October in a surprise move that followed a year full of drama for the couple. Since then it has been a war of words on social media, with rumors of Evans seeking full custody of her daughter with Eason and the controversial ex-husband lashing out at Evans by calling her "stupid" and making claims about her parenting skills.

Despite this, Evans posted several happy Thanksgiving photos and seemed to surprise fans with how she seemed to be without Eason by her side.

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"Janelle finally looks relaxed," one fan wrote on a photo posted

"[Yup]. Glad she's smiling again. She doesn't need a man with the world there in front of her," another responded.

"She has been through hell with this guy. I get that she didn't leave when she should've, but she was probably terrified for her [life] because he probably threatened her if she left he would do something," a third wrote. "As much as I'm not a fan of her choices she make when certain things went down after the dog etc, but I'm glad she finally came to her senses to leave him. She looks pretty dang happy, same with all the kids."

Plenty of others also chimed in with support for Evans and her family, noting how her positive decisions have changed their outlook on her going forward.

"I for one and so glad those kids are safe and happy. I put a LOT of emotional thought and energy into those kids for months this year and I gotta hand it to Jenelle, she [got] them out of that situation. She should of done it sooner, or never put them in that life at all but here we are and I am glad," one fan wrote. I will give her the benefit of the doubt with a lot of skepticism. I hope and pray that she is really done. That she has really decided to change and grow. Wishing them good luck this holiday season and for their life beyond.


"Such a beautiful family!!" another fan added. "So proud of Jenelle for being strong enough to leave David!, Everyone looks so relieved and so happy! Don't go back Jenelle He would act like everything is fine but he would be so irate that next time if there is the next time."

It certainly has to be a breath of fresh air for Evans and her mother to read these comments at this point. The reality star has vented her frustrations in recent weeks, even asking for those from her past to go away, noting she wanted to "be left alone." A far different feeling than the holiday snapshots.