'Teen Mom 2': Chelsea Houska Rushes to Change Daughter's Name After Ex's Arrest

Chelsea Houska is in a hurry to change her daughter's last name after her ex's latest arrest.

The Teen Mom 2's baby daddy was arrested on Nov. 2 for domestic assault, and this week, on Dec. 5, he was arrested again for violating the no-contact order in that case.

Houska doesn't want her daughter dealing with the stigma of a relative with such a long arrest record.

According to a report by RadarOnline, the Lincoln County Clerk of Court has confirmed that Houska filed a request to change her daughter Aubree's last name to Lind-DeBoer. Houska has talked openly about a name change along these lines ever since marrying Cole Deboer. The couple even has a son together, named Watson.

Houska and Lind are due in court on the morning of Jan. 8 to discuss the name change. Lind's legal troubles might prevent him from making that date. He was actually due in court on the day of his most recent arrest, to discuss a restraining order filed against him by ex-girlfriend Stasia Huber.

The judge granted Huber a five-year protection order from Lind, who she says broke her arm, smashed her phone, and tried to lock her inside the house.

Lind is due back in court on Dec. 21 as well, in the case that his last two arrests result from. In addition, he tested positive for meth back in April, which is negatively effecting his custody battle over his youngest daughter, Paislee.


Lind currently has supervised visitation rights with Aubree.