'Survivor' Open to Bringing Back Major Aspect That COVID Ruined

The upcoming 45th season of Survivor will once again be part of CBS' fall schedule, and it seems like a major aspect of the series that was taken away during the pandemic could be coming back. As contestants tried to survive endurance challenges and eliminations to become the "Sole Survivor" and win a cash prize, they would be visited by loved ones, also known as Family Visit, and it would usually be either through the Internet or video or on location.

However, due to COVID, the show had to take some safety precautions after its delay. That included seasons being 26 days due to an extended quarantine. While the contestants in the latest 44th season were able to receive letters from their loved ones, it just wasn't the same. According to Entertainment Weekly, longtime host Jeff Probst mentioned on his podcast One Fire with Jeff Probst that the concept may be coming back after all, even despite the shortened seasons.

"Initially, it was COVID-related," Probst explained. "We couldn't bring any visitors to location. But now that restrictions are being lifted, yeah, we may consider doing it again. 26 days is a factor. To me, it's right on the edge of wondering if it's enough to warrant it. But when you see even the loved ones' letters come, you realize it's still hard to be away and be isolated. So I do think that if we did loved ones that, you would get a big reaction."

It may be a bit harder to do the visits because of the shortened seasons, but that doesn't mean that the contestants miss their families any less. Even with the letters from their loved ones, just a little bit of home makes it a little easier for them and gives the audience a feel-good moment as well in the midst of the challenges and eliminations. Luckily, it sounds like Probst is on board with bringing it back, as "Everyone on the team knows I love love. And it's definitely not a dead issue, and maybe we'll find a way to bring it back."

While it's hard to predict whether or not it will be happening in Season 45, Survivor seems like it won't be going anywhere any time soon, so there will be plenty of time to bring back the Family Visit aspect. Survivor returns this fall on CBS on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET. Fans will just have to see how loved ones will be involved for the contestants.