'Survivor' Fans Celebrate Return of Season 37: 'David vs. Goliath'

Survivor is back, and fans are excitedly saying it has the possibility of being one of the most interesting seasons in years!

On Wednesday, the 37th season of the CBS series kicked off, with a David vs. Goliath theme pitting people who have typically been underdogs in life against those whose physicality and class status has put them at an advantage.

Calling this season a game of "social politics," host and executive producer Jeff Probst said in a press release said prior to this season, "'Goliaths' often have visible advantages, and they capitalize on them to ensure success, whereas 'Davids' are often forced to rely on their secret weapons and use these advantages to overcome adversity. It's two very different approaches to life, but Survivor is the great equalizer, because you never know which skill set will be most useful in this cunning game of social politics."

After meeting the 10 castaways who will be competing for $1 million during the 39 days on the Fiji islands, fans had a good feeling about what is to come this season.

"Looking forward to Survivor. #Survivor #DavidvsGoliath Still going strong after all these years," one person wrote.

"I assumed [Survivor] was gonna be HUGE, buff people against scrawny people. That's how the commercials made it look. But this has more potential than I realized. #Survivor #SurvivorDavidvsGoliath" another added.


"Oof #Survivor is back my Wednesday nights have purpose again," another chimed in.

Others commented on the theme, writing, "I'm already LOVING the theme this season, which I wasn't expecting. #survivor #DavidVsGoliath."

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.


Photo credit: CBS