'Survivor' Showmance Comes to a Shocking End After Surprise Blindside

Kara Kay and Dan Rengering didn't find love on Survivor after all, after Wednesday's shocking tribal council blindside tore the Goliath power couple apart with a massive betrayal first prompted by Kara in this week's vote.

Wednesday on the CBS reality show, everyone was processing last week's shocking vote that blindsided former Goliath John Hennigan and had Dan wasting one of his two idols, the S.W.A.T. officer was upset at not being let in on the plan his fellow former Goliaths, Alison Raybould, Alec Merlino and his showmance partner Kara were forming without him as he pouted over his idol away from the group.

When Kara confronted him about his negative attitude, she revealed that she was ready to break with her former ally, whom she considered a hindrance to her game.

"Dan, who was once my ally, my go-to is coming loose at the seams," she told the cameras. "He's emotional and he's letting the game almost get to him at this point. Dan feels like the anchor that's bringing me down and holding me at certain stage of the game."

It was an emotional decision for Kara, who broke down in tears while admitting, "I had a feeling that this day would come — that I was gonna have to cut ties with him at some point, but this is not easy. In the normal world, this woudn't happen, but in this game, I know that it sucks, but it has to be done. I have to separate myself from him if I'm going to win this game."

Kara wasn't the only one looking to eliminate Dan from the game. Former Davids, Gabby Pascuzzi, Alison and Alec were all on board to get rid of him initially, arguing that it was a big move that would "change the dynamic" in the tribe.

As the week continued, however, the Davids weren't sure they could trust their Goliath allies, and with three advantages on their side, wanted to stay David strong. Alec and Alison were on the same page on the Goliath alliance, telling Kara that they wanted to go for Christian Hubicki for a second week in a row and stay Goliath strong, not knowing that Christian had found an immunity idol and was well aware of their plotting against him.

There was yet another twist come tribal council, when David Nick Wilson stole Alison's vote with his advantage, surprising the Goliath and making the results of the vote even more muddy. Dan, in return, played his second idol in his own favor, thinking the Davids were pulling a "fast one" on him, only to have the idol nullifer played against him and being sent home with five votes — none of which even came from Kara!

With Davids and Goliaths at an even number once again, how will the castaways vote next week?


Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS