'Survivor' Fans Think Ben Deserves to Win

Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers is currently airing its finale, and fans are pulling for underdog, Ben Driebergen.

Ben has won over fans in the past few weeks due in part to overcoming the odds and finding three straight immunity idols. Ben would have been sent home if it weren't for those idols, and those big moves completely changed the way people thought the game would play out.

The odds were stacked against Ben as the second hour of the three-hour finale comes to a close.

He has a shot of earning his way into the final three with an immunity challenge, but he lost after being seconds away from victory. Then, it was revealed that one of the final spots would decided by a surprise fire-starting challenge at tribal council.

And with zero preparation, Ben came through and defeated Devon Pinto, who had been tipped off about the challenge.


Twitter users are pulling hard for Ben to make it to finals, as his dedication to winning for his family is inspiring. Plus, those bombshell idol reveals have made win a crowd favorite, especially with his underdog position.

See some of the reactions below.