'Storage Wars' Star Darrell Sheets Retires

Storage Wars star Darrell Sheets is retiring from the storage locker business after more than 30 years. According to Sheets, who spoke to TMZ, he is choosing to take a step back and relax after finding love in a woman named Patty Rich, whom he met after recently retiring to Lake Havasu.

Sheets and Rich, who owns a string of vineyards and restaurants, met after Sheets checked out a boat that Rich was selling, and it was reportedly love at first sight. Initially unaware of Sheets' fame, the two quickly became inseparable. Rich now knows of the A&E star's reality TV status, but that hasn't scared her away, and Sheets claimed "it's been great to have a companion now that he's in his 60s." The duo even spent Christmas together.

"Merry Christmas to all of you from Patty and me , and Zoie, May you all be so blessed this year," Sheets captioned a photo shared to Instagram of himself and Rich, who now frequently pops up in his social media posts.

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In the weeks since his retirement, Sheets hasn't shied away from boasting about his time, which is filled with time with the family, walks, hanging out with his pets, and plenty of time on the water.

Although taking a little time for himself now, Sheets isn't entirely throwing in the flag, as he said he'd be up to return to the business should Storage Wars return to TV, though that currently doesn't seem likely.


During his time on the series, in which people bid on abandoned storage lockers in the hopes of striking it rich with hidden gems inside, Sheets became best known as the "gambler." According to his biography on the A&E website, he has been in the business of betting on storage lockers for 32 years and "is always going for the 'big hit.'" In his tenure as a bidder, he has scored four Picasso paintings and the world's most lucrative comic book collection.

Sheets' decision to settle down comes less than a year after he suffered a major health scare. In March of 2019, the A&E star revealed that he had suffered a "mild heart attack" and had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and a "severe issue" with his lung. He underwent surgery shortly after and has continued to keep his fans updated on his health, revealing in a June 2019 post that he was headed to Lake Havasu.