'So You Think You Can Dance' First Season 15 Audition Freaks out Viewers

So You Think You Can Dance kicked off its 15th season on Monday night, and the first dance of the year was a bit unsettling.

The competition began with a Ukrainian dancer that freaked out fans as soon as she graced the stage.

She walked out in an all-black outfit with her hair completely covering her face. She then got on the ground and began writhing around and twitching.

She then flexed her abilities as a contortionist as she went into the routine, impressing the judges and many viewers at home.

She soon burst out of her black ensemble into a skin-toned one and pulled off more expressive, upright movements. She ended her performance by pulling back her hair to reveal a shocked, jarring expression on her face.

The judges were overall impressed with the routine, as they revealed in their remarks after the performance.

"I adore the way you use your body to turn yourself into this creature," Vanessa Hudgens wrote. "I'm in awe of you."

Mary Murphy added, "You're an artist. You're out of this world."

The panel then unanimously voted her on to the next round, to the audience's delight.

Meanwhile, viewers at home took to Twitter to utterly freak out over the remarkable display.

"Okay, this girl is doing stuff I've only ever seen in my worst nightmares," fan Courtney Vial wrote.

Another fan added, "Screaming 'NOOOOO' At this Ukrainian girls dancing. This is freaking me out."

Judge Nigel Lythgoe also continued praising the dancer on social media.

After praising the performance as unlike anything he had ever seen, the TV personality talked up the dancer's creativity.

"This girl is weird and wonderful," Lythgoe wrote. "How creative!!! The Ukraine turns out very interesting dancers."


So You Think You Can Dance airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

Photo Credit: Fox / Adam Rose