'Sister Wives' Star Mykelti Brown Shoots Down Pregnancy Rumors With Weight Loss Transformation Photos

It has been a few years since Sister Wives daughter Mykelti Brown fell into the eyes of fans of the show. Her wedding grabbed plenty of attention but she's been able to live life as more attention has been paid to her parents, Meri Brown's daughter Mariah and new young mother Maddie.

Mykelti Brown has been allowed to just live and enjoy a typical social media presence. But recently, some pointed out that Brown might be pregnant and rumors started to spread about the reality star.

This forced her to take to Instagram and prove that she isn't pregnant in a humorous way according to InTouch Weekly.

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“I AM NOT PREGNANT. This shirt was given to me as a gift because of how much that person knows me," Brown wrote on the humorous photo on Instagram. “I want to have children so much. It’s one of the things I talk about most often. My best friend and I are enjoying our marriage as the two of us for now and we are working towards accomplishing some goals before we decide to start a family.”

InTouch notes that this is quite the mature decision for Brown and husband Tony Padron, with the reality star adding that she's still focused on their own relationship instead of trying to build another with a child.

“We are loving the intimacy we can share and the bond we have together and we aren’t ready to share that bond with a wee babe yet. I know the shirt may be crude or offensive to some, but I must say I am extremely in love with it," Brown wrote. "It’s fast becoming my favorite piece in my wardrobe. Plus if we got a wee babe our [dog] Spader may not be too happy with sharing our attention."

Mom Christine responded in the comments and said she "got super excited for a minute."

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Elsewhere, fans were complimenting Brown for losing weight and feeling happier with herself.

“You have lost weight, looking good!!!” one fan wrote on a second photo of Brown.

“You’re so skinny! How did you do it?! Beautiful!!” a second fan noted.


“You look amazing!!! Not sure how much weight you have lost but you are rocking it!!” a third person wrote.

So don't expect a baby too soon for the Sister Wives star. She's focusing on herself and feeling good.